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Compiled by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Written by:  Zhou Jinfu, Ji Xinha

 1. General data

                1. 183 cases of diabetes mellitus were observed. Among them, 88 were males, 95 females from 20-80 by age.

               2. Criteria for diagnosing diabetes mellitus

               We adopted diagnosis criteria suggested by NDDN and WHO used for epidemiology research and diabetes screening.

                 3. Selection of patients

                 A. According to the criteria for diagnosing diabetes mellitus, fasting blood glucose was higher than normal (>/120mg/dl or >/16. 7m mol/L). Patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus were selected. They had taken or not taken Western drugs before.

               B. Patients who kept on practicing this qigong exercises had tests of fasting blood-glucose and glucose in urine.

                 4. Criteria for determining curative effect

               A. Blood glucose returning to normal means morning fasting blood glucose <120mg/dL or 6.7 m mol/L.

               B. That glucose in urine turns to negative means morning fasting blood glucose is negative in several tests.

               C. Health improved, symptoms relieved.

II.  Method of practising

               See the book "Chinese Wudang Zhonghe Qigong"

III.   Results

               Observations of curative effect after exercises:

               1. Results after 7-day practising of qigong:Among 48 cases of diabetes mellitus from Shen County,  Xingtai and Shijiazhuang 28 had blood glucose decreased (79.17%), 13 cases returned to normal.

               (27.08). Only 4 cases increased; 26 cases had glucose in urine decreased (54.17%), 11 cases turned to negative (22.91%) and only 3 cases increased.

                 2. Results after a month practising of qigong:

               Among 43 cases of diabetes mellitus from Henshui, Luoyang, Cangzhou and Xingtai, 40 cases had blood glucose decreased (95.35%), 24 returned to normal (55.81%), only one increased (2.33%); 30 cases who had glucose in urine decreased (69.77%), 20 turned to negative (46.51%), no case increased.

                 3. Results after 3-month practising of qigong:

               Among 20 cases of diabetes mellitus from Xingtai, 20 cases had blood glucose decreased (100%), 17 cases returned to normal(85%) and no case increased; 18 cases had glucose in urine decreased (90%), 16 cases turned to negative (80%) and no case increased.

                 4. Symptoms relieved:

               After practising Wudang Zhonghe Qigong, 95% of the patients felt in good spirits, happy and much stronger than before. The resulting manifestations are: walking with ease, getting a hard job done with ease, unlikely to catch cold, sleeping well, and symptoms of thirst and hunger somewhat relieved.

IV.  Discussion

               The mechanism of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus treated by Wudang Zhonghe Qigong can be generalized as the follows; it aims at strengthening the essence of life with the aid of psychotherapy and medicinal herbs. Medicinal herbs are given to improve peripheral microcirculation and regulate the circulation of qi and blood.

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