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Hyperthyroidism, Diagnosis
Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     

Clinical diagnosis    看中文

Weakness, sweating, weight loss, nervousness, lack of concentration, loose stools, heat intolerance, tachycardia; warm, thin soft moist skin; exophthalmos; stare, tremor, goiter, impatient, insomnia, difficult to fall asleep, sleep full of dream, hungry, dry mouth, dry eyes, skipping menstrual cycles, impotent, frequent bowel movements and bruit.

Laboratory Tests

Radio Immuno Assay (RIA)

Adult Reference Range

4 - 12 g/dl (SI units: 52 - 154 nmol/L)


Pediatric Reference Range

Newborn: 8 - 20 g/dl

1 week: 6 -16 g/dl

1 - 12 months: 6 -15 g/dl

1 - 3 years: 5.5 - 13.5 g/dl

3 - 10 years: 5 -12.5 g/dl


T4, radio-T3 resin uptake and radioiodine uptake elevated.

Failure of suppression by T3 administration.

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 疲 乏無力多 汗消 瘦、心 煩、思 想不易集中、便 溏怕 熱、脈 搏快速心 悸不寧、 皮薄微溫潮濕、 眼球突出凝 視手 震顫頸 部甲狀腺結節﹐ 性情急躁,失 眠、難入睡、多夢 善飢、口 乾、目澀 女子閉經,男子陽萎大 便次數增多 心臟雜音



淡漠、嗜睡、終 日昏昏欲睡、憂鬱疲 乏無力、 反應遲鈍、厭食、消瘦等。短 期內體 重下降10 20 斤,消瘦尤以肩、臀部為甚。以 單系統症狀為主要表現,脈 搏快速、 心律紊亂,尤以心房纖顫多見,也有以心絞痛、心力衰竭為主要表現者。大便次數增多者較少見,而便秘者多。他們多有手 指顫動約 有20 ~30% 的人甲狀腺大小正常或難以摸到甲 狀腺腫大者的結節性腫大居多,少有眼 球突出象征。 有時會有眼 瞼下垂 。

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