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Dropping of sex hormone causes rapid aging, muscle loss, big bellies, impotence, prostate enlargement, bad circulation, osteoporosis or bone loss, heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, obesity,  memory loss, and  kidney problems.  Information  is located here.

Toxicity of Ginkgo Biloba

An Herb for Fighting Cancer 

FDA Warning 

Western drugs disguised as Chinese herb for Diabetes.

Digitalis, a strong heart medicine, disguised as Plantain

Side Effects of Fungal Drugs: SPORANOX and Lamisil

Food Allergies

Side Effects of Some Herbs

Side Effects of Some Herbs

SomSome herbs may have side effects.  The most commonly abused herb is ephedra (ma huang). When used improperly it can cause death. The ingredient of this herb is being used in many western drugs.  Maca, used by the Inca Indians of Peru as an energy booster and aphrodisiac, being sold in health food stores in the U.S., is creating controversy. Ginseng varies in quality. Low quality ginseng is not effective. To be sure of getting good quality ginseng, buy the real roots-- not powder or capsules; but you must know how to distinguishComplementary and Alternative Healing good quality roots from inferior ones.   A Chinese herb, aristolochia deliblis  (ma dou ling) can be toxic in incorrect long term usage as a weight control herb. This herb was mistaken as aristolochia fangchi (fang ji) which has a different Chinese name and is written with different characters. The confusion in these two herbs created health problems and deaths in Europe because a western drug manufacturer used aristolochia deliblis for aristolochia fangchi by mistake. When prescribing Chinese herbs, Chinese  characters should be used to avoid misunderstanding.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), neither of these herbs is used in weight control.

See list of toxicity of medical materials.

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Blood Clots


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Diarrhea in the Morning 

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Ejaculation Difficulty

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Hepatitis B




Prostate Cancer

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