Complementary and Alternative Healing University        

Linda Dell'Angelica 

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Linda is a member of the San Francisco advance qigong class. She is an interior decorator.

After practising qigong for a few months she looks slim and glowing.

Jeanette Bonifas expressed her surprises, when she saw her again in the class dinner party, (Jeanette had switched to attend the Palo Alto qigong class to bring her sister, who lives in Palo Alto to that class) that Linda looked so beautiful and look much younger just in a few months. She also noticed other numbers of the S.F. class looked younger (than before she went to the Palo Alto Class).

Jennifer Prongos told me that she was happy to see all members of class had improved so much and looked younger. She pointed out that Linda was doing a great job in practising qigong and look so much younger.

Of course, there is a learning curve and people cannot forever get younger looking.

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Note: Doctor Jennifer Prongos, an excellent healer, is an acupuncturist who organizes the San Francisco qigong class to help the members of her acupuncture clinic.