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e zui hua 鱷嘴花 (literally: crocodile mouth flower)  ( in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu    朱興國編 譯  

Pharmaceutical name:

英文藥 名﹕

Herba Clinacanthus

Botanical name:

拉丁生物學 名﹕

Clinacanthus nutans (Burm. f.) Lindau

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:


yōuduncho (遁草)

Pron. in Cantonese::


ngok6 zeoi2 faa1 (鱷嘴花)

Other Names:


you dun cao 憂遁草,you dun cao 優遁草,niu xu hua 扭序花,Siam snake grass 暹羅蛇草,xiao jie gu 小接骨 ,qing jian 青箭《廣西藥植名錄》,rou ci cao 柔刺草,zhu zhi huang 竹枝黃,zhu huang 竹黃,piao huang 剽黃,zhu qing ye 竹葉青,zhu er wang 竹兒王,zhu jie wang 竹節王,zhu jie huang 竹節黃 《中草藥植物》, ba tan teng 拔彈藤,rou zhi jie gu cao 柔枝節骨草,雅配牙鈞(泰族名)。

Belalai gajah (Malaysia), ki tajam (Sunda), dandang gendis (Jawa), salet

phangphong (Thailand), mảnh cộng; l cầm; bm bịp; xương khỉ (Vietnam)

Sabah snake grass (Singapore, Malaysia).

Common Name:


Drooping Clinacanthus, snake plant



Yunnan; Guangxi; Guangdong; Hainan provinces of China,  also in Thailand, Vietnam,  Malaysia, Indonesia. and other parts of southern Asia.

中國的雲南,廣西,廣 東,海南,等省,泰國,越南,馬來西亞,印尼與亞洲南部各地等。




sour, sweet, light bitter and acrid, bland, cool.


Channels meridians entered:



liver, kidney.


Medical functions:

藥 理﹕


anti-inflammatory effect: inhibition of neutrophil responsiveness [2]

抗炎作用:抑制中性粒細胞 (過度的) 反應【2】

(more to be uploaded)

Actions & Indications:

主 治﹕

The whole plant is used to treat inflammatory conditions like 
hematoma, contusion, strains and sprains of injuries and rheumatism; also for
dysuria, dysentery.
In Thailand the plant is famous for treatment of poisonous snake bites; also for 
insect bites, herpes simplex II [3], varicella-zoster virus [3] [6], allergic responses.
Now it is being used in treating jaundice type of hepatitis,  lymphoma, breast cancer, 
prostate cancer, uterus cancer, kidney failure, high uric acid, lung cancer.

全草用於治療發炎如 :血腫,挫傷,拉傷,扭傷,風濕病;並用於排尿痛苦,下痢。

在泰國此是出名治毒 蛇咬傷之草藥,並用來治生殖器皰疹,水痘 (帶狀疱疹病毒)[6]。現代還用於治療黃疸型肝炎,淋巴癌,乳癌,前列腺癌,子宮癌,肺癌,高尿酸症,腎臟功能衰竭

Chemical ingredients:

化 學成份﹕

betulin (白樺脂醇); pentacyclic triterpenoids (五環三萜化合物); sulfur-containing glycosides(硫配糖体)[1]' Compounds with structures related to chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B,  namely 132-hydroxy-(132-R)-phaeophytin a, 132-hydroxy-(132-R)-phaeophytin b, 132-hydroxy-(132-S)-phaeophytin a,  132-hydroxy-(132-S)-phaeophytin b, 132-hydroxy-(132-R)-chlorophyll  b,  132-hydroxy-(132-S)-chlorophyll  b.  Also contain: stigmasteryl-3-O-B-D-glucopyranoside.

Daly Dosage:


Use the the whole dry herb of15~30 g for decoction and take orally. External application: use fresh herb. Smash and apply on affected area.

全草15~30 克,水煎服。外用鮮全草搗爛外敷。

Samples of formulae:


Hepatitis with jaundice, or acites caused by hepatitis: dry herb 30 g. Add water and make into decoction and take orally. If fresh herb is being used, use about 120 g, add drinking water. Smash and make juice. Take orally.

黃疸型肝炎,或肝炎引起腹水:乾品30克,水煎服。如用鮮品,取120 克加開水搗爛取汁服用。

Modern Research:

現 代研究﹕

See bibliography.


Toxicity & Cautions:

毒 素與禁忌﹕



[2] Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 116, Issue 2, 5 March 2008, Pages 234-244


[4] Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Volume 17, Issue 5, 1 March 2009, Pages 1857-1860

[5] [6]J Med Assoc Thai. 1995 Nov;78(11):624-7.


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