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an xi xiang wan 安息香丸

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: an xi xiang wan


Application: for cold type of stomach ache of babies where the babies cries and both legs are curling up.



chen xiang, mu xiang, ding xiang, huo xiang, ba jiao hui xiang,  9 gram each, xiang fu, sha ren,  zhi gan cao 15 g each.  Make into powder. 

Steam an xi xiang with rice wine into paste.

Add powder, an xi xiang paste and refined honey and make into pills the sizes of foxnut seeds.

Take one pill each time.  Dissolve it in decoction of zi su.




安息香.酒蒸成膏另用沉 香木 香丁香藿香八角茴 香各 9 克,香附 子砂仁,炙甘 草各15 克,共研為末,以膏和煉蜜調各藥做成丸子,如芡 實大。每服一丸,紫 蘇湯化下。

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