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Asthma, Folk Remedies    哮喘,民間驗方 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Formula 1 (from Bai tribe of Yunnan province of China)

white neck qiu yin  12 g, sang ye 6 g, tian men dong 10 g, bai bu 10 g, gu sui bu  10 g.  Boil with about 1000 c.c. of water.  Simmer 30 minutes. Drink while warm.

To be taken orally, one prescription a day.  Make into two servings.

白頸 蚯 蚓  12 克﹐桑葉 6 克﹐天門冬 10克﹐百部 10克﹐骨 碎 補 10克。 加水1 公升。 小火煮30分鐘。溫服。

Formula 2 (from Bai tribe of Yun Nan province of China)

Take 30 g of Chinese egg plant root; add brown sugar to taste. Boil with 500 c.c. of water. Simmer for 30 minutes.

To be taken orally, one prescription a day. Make into two servings.

Roots collected after frost or snow of winter are better.

Formula 3 (from Tai tribe of Yun Nan province of China)

alum 10 g, rock sugar 20 g, sesame oil 5 g, calcium carbonate (lime) 20 g.

Grind all ingredients and add enough water to make into small pills. Dry in the sun. Three times a day, Take with boiled water, 3 times a day, 10 g each time.

This formula can be used for asthma of 'heat in lungs'. Three to five prescriptions will show obvious result.

Formula 4 (folk formula from Jiang Su province of China)

15 pieces of single clove garlic, rock sugar 300 g

First place 5 pieces of garlic and 100 g of rock sugar in a bowl and steam them on top of rice (while cooking) for 20 minutes. Drink the juice and save the garlic. After nine days, use the cooked garlic and add 5 more pieces and 100 g of rock sugar and cook the same way. Drink the juice and save the garlic. After another nine days do the same thing with the rest of the garlic and rock sugar and the cooked garlic.

This formula is good for cold type of asthma and not to be used with heat type of asthma.

Editor's Note:

Single clove garlic

A single clove garlic looks like an onion but tastes like a garlic. It is the result of planting immature garlic clove. It is also called garlic onion. If the garlic onion is planted the following fall, it will produce a normal multi-clove garlic again.


Formula 5 (folk remedy from Yunnan province of China)

qiu yin 500 g, chuan bei  100 g.

Bake di long until brown. Grind into powder. Grind chuan bei into powder. Mix well. Take with warm boiled water, 3 times day, 6 grams each time.

地龍 500克﹐  川 貝 100克。先將地龍烘乾﹐研成末。川貝研末。混合均衡。每次服6克。每日三次。用溫水服下。


Formula 6 (folk remedy from Xinjiang province of China)


xing ren 15 g, bai guo (ginkgo)15 g, hu tao ru (walnut) 50 g, qi zi 50 g, refined honey 60 g.


Grind the four herbs separately and add 60 grams of honey. Cook with 500 cc. of water until as thick as paste. Take after meals,  twice a day, 15 grams each time.


This formula is suitable for older patients with asthma without phlegm. Do not use if phlegm is abundant.


Formula 7

Cutting down inflammation and ridding of pollutant contamination in the nose:


Dissolve a table spoon of table salt into , about l litre, or about a quart of warm boiled water . Wait till the water is about body temperature. Rinse nostril with the salt water by inhaling lightly into the nose with precaution not to inhale into the lungs. With practice, one can inhale through the nose and spit it out through the mouth. Do this especially coming back from outdoor where the air is polluted.

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Usually  folk remedies are not based on a complete healing system like the traditional Chinese medicine.

Usually the herbs used are milder herbs but users have to be aware of their own experiences of allergic reaction to some herbs use in the past.

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