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bai he 百 合

Edited By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Pharmaceutical name:

英 文 藥 名 ﹕

Bulbus Lilii

Biological name:

拉 丁 學 名 ﹕

Lilium brownii F. E. Brown var. viridulum Baker, Lilium colchester Wils., Lilium. pumilum DC,  Lilium longiflorum Thunb.

Pron. in Japanese:

日 語 發 音 ﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓 語 發 音 ﹕


Pron. in Cantonese:

粵 音 ﹕

bak hop

Common Name:

英 文 名 ﹕

lily bulb


分 佈 ﹕

throughout China

全 中 國 。

Properties (characteristics)

性 味 ﹕

Sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold

甘 ﹐ 略 苦 ﹐ 微 寒 。

Channels (meridians) entered:

歸 經 ﹕

Heart, Lung

心 ﹐ 肺 。

Actions & Indications:

主 治 ﹕

Chronic cough,  blood-streaked sputum, difficult to solve chronic low grade fever, insomnia with abundance of dreams, inability to concentrate, restlessness, irritability, due to chronic febrile disease with yinxu (yin deficient)  Also for palpitations due to qixu (qi deficient) 氣虛 and yinxu (yin deficient).

用于陰虛久咳,痰中 带血,虚烦惊悸,失眠多梦,精神恍惚等。悸動 氣虛 陰虛。

Modern Applications:

現 代 應 用 ﹕

1. For treating of ulcer of the stomach: bai he, huang qi, pu gong ying, ban zhi liang, bai shao, wu yao , dan shen, dai zhe shi, honey baked 百 合. In case of constipation, add wine prepared da huang   10 g, vomiting acid add baked wa leng zi 20 g. Per prescription a  day. Simmer till 300 c.c. Each time take 100 c.c. Treatment was 4 week. All healed.

2. For treatment of pain in solar plexus because of spleen deficient.

3. For treatment of Dengue Fever during frequent urination period.

4. For treatment of neurasthenia.

5.  For treatment of boils.  

1. 治 療 胃 潰 瘍 : 百 合 , 黃 耆, 蒲公英, 半枝蓮, 白 芍, 烏 藥 , 丹 參 , 代赭石, 蜜制百 合便 秘 加 酒大黃  10 克 。 吐 酸 加 鍛 瓦 楞 子  20 克 。 每 日 一 劑 。 加 水 800 c.c. 煎 至  300 c.c.  每 次 服 100 c.c. 治 療 四 週 。 全 部 痊 癒 。

2. . 脾 虛 胃 痛 。

3.  治 療   登 革 熱。

4. 治 療 神 經 衰 弱 。

5. 治 療 瘡 腫  。

Chemical ingredients:

化 學 成 份 ﹕

1. 2, 3-dihydroxy-3-O-p-coumaroyl-1, 2-propanedicarboxylic acid; 1, 3-O-diferuloylglycerol; 1, 2-O-diferuloyglycerol; 1-O-feruloyl-3-O-p-coumaroylglycerol; 1-O-p-feruloyl-2-O-p-coumaroyl-O-p-coumaroyl-2-O-feruloylglycerol; 1-O-feruloylglycerol; 1-O-p-coumaroylglycerol.

2. Phenolic glycosides: Regaloside A.; regaloside; regaloside B, D, E, F; lilioside A.

3.  Brownioside; (22S, 25S) -26-O-Beta-D; (22S, 25S) -26-O-Beta-D-glucopyranosyl-22, 25-epoxyfurost-5-en-3Beta, 26-diol 3-O (a-L-rhamnopyranosyl (1--2) -Beta-D-glucopyranoside); 26-O-Beta-D-glucopyranosylnuatigenin-3-O-a-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1--2)-Beta-D-glucoside, 26-O-Beta-D-glucopyranosylnuatigenin 3-O-alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1--2)-O-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl-(1--4))-Beta-D-glucopyranoside; deacylbrownoside, 27-O-(3-hydroxy-3-methyglutaroyl) isonarthogenin 3-O-alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1--2)-()-(Beta-D-glucopyranosyl-(1--4))-Beta-D-glucopyranoside)

4. Inorganic elements: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur. Meconic acid, Beta solamargine, solasodine 3-O-alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1--2)-O-(Beta-D-glucopyranosyl-(1--4)-Beta-D-glucopyranoside; Dioxane lignins; starch 6.96%, cane sugar 9.76%, protein 4.39%, fat 0.75%, crude fiber 4.10%, pectin 4.32%.


用 量 ﹕

9-30g per day.

9 ~ 30 克 。

Samples of formulae:

處 方 舉 例 ﹕

  1. With  kuan dong hua for chronic cough due to Lung heat, usually with blood-streaked sputum.

  2. With mai dong, xuan shen, and chuan bei mu for non wind-cold type of chronic, dry cough and sore throat due to Lung yinxu (yin deficient)  or consumption.

  3. With  sheng di huang for palpitations, irritability, insomnia, and dark, scanty urine due to lingering heat.

  4. With zhi mu for irritability and mental disorientation due to yin deficiency or lingering heat in the late stages of a febrile disease.

Source of the above formulae: Bensky & Gamble

  1. 熱 吐 痰 有 血 絲 ﹕ 百 合 配   款 冬 花。

  2. 陰虛非 風 熱 性 長 期 乾 咳 ﹐ 喉 痛 ﹕ 百 合 配  麥 冬, 玄 參 川 貝

  3. 長 期 有 熱 以 致   煩 悶 ﹐ 心 悸動﹐失 眠 ﹐ 尿 赤 尿 少 ﹕   百 合 生 地 黃 。

  4. 陰虛 或 或 肺 結 核 ﹐ 或  溫 病 病 危 ﹐ 長 期 發 熱﹐ 煩 悶 ﹐ 神 志 紊 亂  ﹕ 百 合   配   知母  

Also see items under modern applications.


禁 忌 ﹕

Not to use in cases of cough due to wind-cold or phlegm, or in those with diarrhea due to pixu (spleen deficient)

脾虛 腹 瀉 ﹐ 或 風 寒 咳 嗽 ﹐ 或 吐痰 多 者 忌 用 。


If you need more information or bibliography in a hurry, go to: Research Librarian


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