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mao gen 茅根

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

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Pharmaceutical name:

英文藥名 ﹕

Rhizonma imperatae cylindricae

Biological name:

拉丁植物學名 ﹕

Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv.var. major (Nees) c. E. Hubb.

Agropyrum repens P. Beauv. (ou mao gen 歐 茅 根 )

Pron. in Japanese:

日語發音 ﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓語發音 ﹕

mogun, pakmogun

Pron. in Cantonese:

粵語發音 ﹕

maau4 gan1

Other names:


bai mao gen 白茅根

Common Name:

英文名 ﹕

imperata, rhizome of wooly grass


分佈 ﹕

throughout china and Southeast Asia

全 中 國 與 東 南 亞 。

Properties (characteristics)﹕

性味 ﹕

sweet, cold

甘 ﹐ 寒 。

Channels (meridians) entered:

歸經 ﹕

lung, stomach, small intestine, bladder

肺 ﹐ 胃 ﹐ 小 腸 ﹐ 膀 胱 。

Actions & Indications:

主治 ﹕

cools the blood and stops bleeding; quells heat and promotes urination, clears heat from stomach and lungs

涼 血 ﹐ 止 血 ﹐ 退 燒  ﹐ 利 尿 ﹐ 清 肺 熱 ﹐ 清 胃 熱 。

Medical Function:

藥理 ﹕

(1). stops bleeding (2). anti bacteria and anti virus. (3). promotes urination, especially during 5~10 days while taking the herb. It can be due to the potassium salt in the herb.

Chemical ingredients:

化學成份 ﹕

glucose 6.8%; cane sugar, fructose, and starch 21%, potassium salt, oxalic acid, carotene, vitamins, and anemonin.


用量 ﹕

9 to 24 g. Using by itself, up to 60 g.

Samples of formulae:

處方舉例 ﹕

For hemorrhagic fever:

Formula 1:  bai mao gen, da huang , mang xiao, zhi shi  tao ren , sheng di huang , mai dong ,  mu tong  


Fornula 2:  bai mao gen 150 g, dan shen 20 g, lu gen 30 g, huang bai 10 g, pei lan 15 g, dan pi 10 g.

Adjust the formulae according to the syndrome.

出 血 性 熱 病 :

  1. 處 方 一 ﹕ 白 茅 根 , 大黃 , , 枳 實   桃仁,  生地黃,  麥 冬 ,   木 通

  2. 處 方 二 ﹕ 白 茅 根 150 g,  丹 參   20 g, 蘆根 30 g, 黃 柏  10 g, 佩蘭 15 g,  丹皮 10 g.


For Cancer of the digestive track:

bai mao gen 10 g, bai hua she she cao白花蛇舌草  12 g, ban zhi lian半枝蓮 10 g. Boil with water. Use as tea.

For periodontitis: click here for formula.

Modern Research:

to be uploaded



Not to use in cases of pixu (spleen deficient) or shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) conditions.

Use care if blood pressure is low because of its diuretic effect.

腎陽虛脾虛 症狀者忌用。


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