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Bone Spurs   骨刺

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu         按此看中文。

One of the following formulae can be used:

Formula #1


wei ling xian 30 g, ku shen 10 g, chuan shan jia 10 g, xiang fu zi 10 g, tou gu cao 10 g. One prescription a day. Boil with water. Strain and use the liquid and make into 2 servings. Use as tea.

 Add water to the boiled herb after straining. Boil down to 800 c.c. and use it for steaming, washing or soaking the affected parts for 30 minutes every day.

Or use the above prescription to make into powder. Take 10 to 20 g a day and soak the powder in boiling water. Make into 2 servings. A period of 10 days is one treatment cycle. Rest for 5 days between treatment periods. Treat for 1 to 4 periods.

Total 369 cases of bones spurs were treated. Result: 128 healed; 112 became better; 7 cases had no effect.  Total effectiveness 98.1%.

Warning: the appearance of the herb wei ling xian is very similar to a toxic herb gui jiu and sometimes it is being adulterated with herbs belonging to aristolochia family and can be toxic to the kidney.

Formula #2


gu shui bu 1000 g, kuan jun teng 1000 g, tuo gu cao 1000 g, tong cheng hu 500 g, wei ling xian 1000 g, zhi he shou wu 250 g. Grind into fine powder or make into pills. Use 120 g and 120 cc of water and heat it up in a frying pan. When hot, add 50 cc of rice wine and 50 cc of rice vinegar. Put it into a cotton bag. Check temperature. Use it to cover and massage the affected part of the body. Use once per day, about one hour each time. Suitable for spine infection and knee infection due to calcium deposit.

Warning: tong cheng hu belongs to the aristolochia family and can be toxic to the kidney.


處方 1:

威靈仙 30 克﹐苦 參 10 克﹐穿山 甲 10 克﹐香 附子10克﹐ 透骨草10 克。

水煎。分二次服。藥渣加水再煎。洗患處。每日30 分鐘。

也可以製成粉劑。每日用10~20 克。泡入沸水內。作 二次服。十日為一療程。

休息五日。1~5 療程。

療效﹕369 病例。128 例痊癒。112有進步。7 例無效。總有效率為98.1%。


處方2 :

  骨碎補1000克,寬筋藤1000克,透骨草1000克,通城虎500 克,威靈仙1000克,制首烏250 克,共研细末,或制成药丸。每服蜜丸1粒。

亦可作外敷﹕用以上药粉 120克, 用120 毫升開水調濕後放入鍋内炒,炒熱後加米酒入陳醋各50 毫升,炒至燙手為度,然後装進紗布袋内熱敷患處,每日1 次,每次1 小时。適用于肥大性腰 椎炎﹐頸椎綜合症,膝關節骨刺等。

注意﹕ 通城虎是屬於 馬兜玲科。有腎毒素。多服可能致使腎臟衰竭。

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