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By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 

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See: Chinese Herbs used in Cancer Therapy

Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia,  急性前骨髓細胞性白血病

(A) Qigong Therapy

  I. Guo Lin Qigong    

      Other supplemental qigong programs:

      Eight Sections of Silk  

       Five Animal Chart Play

  II. Self Control Qigong  

Self Control Qigong is very similar to Guo Lin Qigong

(B)  Medical Research on Effect of Qigong

(C) Immuno-Augmentation Therapy

(D) Reports on Cancer Herbs Research

(E) Genetic discovery seen aiding diagnoses

(E)  Other Experiences 

Food to avoid depends on body types.

  1. Cold syndrome: Avoid melons, citrus fruit, pears, star fruit, tomatoes, coconut water, kiwi,  peaches, water crest, squash, turnips, carrots, raw salad, banana, bitter melons,  mung bean, winter melon, celery, beet .

  2. Hot syndrome, Yinxu (yin deficient)﹕  Avoid goat, lamb, coffee, curry, spices, onion, garlic  fried food.

  3. Yangxu (yang deficient): See cold syndrome.

  4. Damp heat syndrome: alcohol, sugar, fat, ginnger , pepper, spices.

  5. Pixu (spleen deficient): Avoid fruits, melons, sugar, fruit juices.



  1. 寒證:忌寒涼食物: 柚類﹐梨子﹐楊桃﹐番茄﹐椰汁﹐橘子﹐獼猴桃(奇異果)﹐水蜜桃, 橙﹐西瓜﹐香蕉﹐苦瓜綠豆﹐冬瓜﹐芹菜﹐君達菜 (甜菜), 荸薺生菜沙拉等。

  2. 陰虛證:忌羊肉﹐狗肉﹐咖啡﹐咖哩﹐香料﹐蔥﹐大 蒜  ﹐煎炸品酒 。

  3. 陽虛證:見以上寒證。

  4. 濕熱證:忌酒類﹐甜食﹐肥肉﹐生 薑 ﹐咖哩﹐香料﹐胡椒。

  5. 脾虛: 忌西瓜﹐水果﹐ 甜食。


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