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cang zhu  蒼 朮  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu            朱興國 編譯

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Pharmaceutical name:

英文藥 名﹕

Rhizoma Atractylodis

Biological name: 拉丁名﹕

atractylodes lancea Thunb., ( 蒼朮 , 古蒼, 南蒼朮,茅蒼朮 )

Atractylodes chinensis (DC.) Koidz.  (北蒼朮)

Atractylodes japonica Koidz. Kitam(東蒼朮又名:關蒼朮. )

Pron. in Japanese:

日語 發音﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓語 發音﹕


Pron. in Cantonese:

粵語 發音﹕

cong1  seot6

Common Name:

英文 名﹕

Sword like Atractylodes, Rhizome Chinese Atractylodes

Other Names:

chi zhu 赤朮
qiang tou cai 槍頭菜
ma ji 馬薊
qing shu 青術
xian shu 仙術
shan jing 山精
shan cang zhu 山 蒼朮
shan ci cai 山刺菜

同屬 植物東蒼朮又名:關蒼朮
處方名:蒼朮, 茅朮, 茅蒼朮, 大蒼朮, 生蒼朮, 炒蒼朮,
炒茅朮, 焦蒼朮, 蒼朮炭, 制蒼朮, 米泔水炒蒼朮等


分佈 ﹕

atractylodes lancea Thunb.: mainly produced in Jiangsu, Hubei, Henan, Anhui provinces of China.

Atractylodes chinensis (DC.) Koidz.  : mainly produced in Inner Mongoliak Hebei, Shanxi, Liangning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces of China.

南蒼 朮:為 植物南蒼朮的干燥根莖。 主產 於江蘇﹐湖北﹐河南﹐安徽。
北蒼朮:又名山蒼朮, 華蒼朮,為植物北蒼朮(槍頭菜, 山刺菜)的干燥根莖。主產於內蒙古, 河北, 山西, 遼寧, 吉林, 黑龍江等地。


Properties (characteristics)﹕

性味 ﹕

acrid, bitter, warm, aromatic

辛﹐ 苦﹐溫 ﹐芬芳。

Channels (meridians) entered:

歸經 ﹕

spleen, stomach, liver

脾﹐ 胃﹐肝 。

Actions & Indications:

for treatment of yeast infection and dampness and flatulence; strengthens the digestion; expels wind-dampness; for diarrhea with vomiting;  edema with fullness of the abdomen; induces sweating in patients unable to sweat;  headaches, body aches, solar plexus pain, and pain in extremities due to wind-cold-dampness, and edema in lower limbs; headache of women due to deficiency, night blindness, improves night vision and  diminishing vision.

Simmering cang zhu in water to release fragrance can help in getting rid of fungi and bacteria.

主治﹕消 化不良,食 慾不振,胃脘滿悶,風濕﹐ 嘔吐泄瀉,浮腫腹脹,用于發汗﹔風寒濕痺,精神不振,肢體無力,水腫脹滿,濕痰留飲,婦人虛冷頭痛﹐夜 盲, 增進視


Medical Function:

藥理 ﹕


  1. The diuretic effect is not obvious but it can increase the secretion ions of sodium, potassium and chlorine in the urine.

  2. Effect on blood sugar: alcohol extract of cang zhu  can maintain the lowering of blood sugar of regular rabbits.

  3. Effect on the inhibiting of CNS: the mixture of the essential oils of  β-eudesmol, and hinesol possesses the effect of sedative on laboratory mice and it can prolong the sleep using hexobarbital sodium and it can inhibit spasm caused by electric shock. It also can help the delivery of carbon dust in the small intestines.

  4. Anti-ulcer effect: the β-eudesmol of cang zhu can inhibit the secretion of stomach acid and can inhibit ulcer.

  5. atractylone has an inhibiting effect on HBV

一. 利尿作用:雖利尿作用, 但不明顯,但能增加小便中鈉, 鉀, 氯各離子 排 泄。

二. 對於血糖之影響:蒼朮之醇抽取物對於正常兔之血糖有持續性下降作用。

三. 中樞抑制作用:蒼朮之精油成分按葉醇(β-eudesmol),茅朮醇(hinesol)之 混合抽取物,對於小白鼠有鎮靜作用,能延長己巴 比妥鈉(hexobarbital sodium)之睡眠時間及抑制電擊痙攣作用,並能促進小腸內炭 末輸送作用。

四. 抗潰瘍作用:蒼朮桉葉醇可抑制組織胺性胃酸分泌,抗潰瘍 作用。

五. 蒼朮酮對乙肝病毒有明顯的抑制作用。

六. 抗潰瘍作用:1. 抑制胃酸。2. 保護胃粘膜作用

Chemical ingredients:

化學 成份﹕

atractylol 蒼朮醇, hinesol 茅朮醇, β-eudesmol β-按 葉醇。  β-selinene β-芹子烯, elemol 欖香醇, 3β-acetoxy-attractylol 乙醯氧基-蒼朮醇 。Vitamin A type of substance 维生素樣 物质, Vitamin B 维生素 已,   inulin 菊糖。

From another study:

  1. Atractylodes lancea Thunb contains 5~9% of essential oil. The main ingredients of the oil consist of atractylo, hinesol), β-eudesmol etc.

  2. Atractylodes chinensis (DC.) Koidz. contains 1.5% of essential oil. The main ingredients of the oil consist of atractylol, atractylone, hinesol,  β-eudesmol etc.

  3. Atractylodes japonica Koidz. Kitam contains  1.5% of essential oil. The main ingredients of the oil consist of atractylol, atractylone, hinesol, β-eudesmol, atractylodin, atraetylin, atractylone etc.


  1. 南蒼朮 根莖含揮發油約5~9%。油的主要成分為蒼朮醇(atractylol), 茅朮 醇(hinesol), β-桉葉醇(β-eudesmol)等 。

  2. 北蒼朮根莖含揮發油1.5%,其主要成分為蒼朮醇 atractylol, 蒼朮酮(atractylone), 茅朮醇及桉葉醇等。

  3. 東蒼朮根莖含揮發油1.5%,其主要成分為蒼朮醇 茅朮醇(hinesol), β-桉葉醇, 蒼朮呋喃烴(atractylodin, atraetylin), 蒼朮酮 。


用量 ﹕

10  to 20 g. Concentrated extract 0.5 to 2 g.

10~20克 ﹔濃縮中藥:0.52

Samples of formulae:

處方 舉例﹕

See yeast infection.

See a report below.

Modern Research:

現代 研究﹕

lowering blood sugar, excretion of sodium.

降血 糖﹐排鈉。


禁忌 ﹕

Not to use in case of yinxu (yin deficient) with heat and/or sweaty with qixu (qi deficient).

陰虛有 熱氣虛多汗者忌服 。
氣虛內 熱,
氣 虛多汗者忌服。

①《本草經集注》:防風、地榆為之使。《藥性論》: 忌桃、李、雀肉、菘菜 Brassica chinensis、 青魚 (Mylopharyngodon piceu)③《醫學入門 》:血虛怯弱及七情氣悶者慎用。誤服耗氣血,燥津液,虛火動而痞悶愈甚。④《 本草經疏》:凡病屬陰虛血少、精不足 ,內熱骨蒸,口乾唇燥,咳 嗽吐痰、吐血,鼻衄,咽塞,便秘滯下者,法咸忌之。肝腎有動氣者勿服。 ⑤《本草正》:內熱陰虛,表疏汗出者忌服。

 [1] 苍术酮的稳定性及其抗HBV体外实验研究, 王峰,蔡光明,郭慧玲, 1.中国人民解放军第302医院中医药研究所,北京100039;2.江西中医学院,江西南 昌330006

   A report from Shanghai Donghua Hospital and others: Using ai ye disinfection incense, (made by Shanghai Everyday Chemical Products), which consists of 30% of cang zhu powder and 20% of ai ye powder, smoking 4 hours, can kill off β-Hemolytic streptococcus- A group﹐pneumonococcus﹐Hemophilus Influenzae and Staphylococcus aureus etc. Smoking 8 hours can kill off Pseudomonas aeruginosa),and can inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis.

上海華東醫院等單位報導,用含艾葉的消毒 香(上 海日用化學品試制,含蒼朮粉30%,艾葉粉20%) 烟熏4小時能 殺滅乙型溶血性鏈球菌A群 (β-Hemolytic streptococcus- A group) ﹐ 肺炎球菌 (pneumonococcus)﹐ 流感桿菌 (Hemophilus influenzae)和金黄色葡萄球菌 (Staphylococcus aureus)等 ,烟熏8小時能殺 滅綠膿桿菌 (Pseudomonas aeruginosa)., 并能抑制枯草桿菌 (Bacillus subtilis)的生長。


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