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chai hu gui jiang tang 柴胡桂薑湯


Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    按此看中文


Name of formula: chai hu gui zhi gan jiang tang (Shang Han Lun)



For recurring fevers and chills. Resolves phlegm and relieves chest fullness and congestion; difficulty in urination.

Treat intermittent chills and fever,  fullness in chest area, stress and anxiety, heart palpitations, thirst, cold hands and feet, loose stool or diarrhea.

Being used for deficient type of bodies. Commonly used in common cold, TB, pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, peritonitis, insomnia, hepatitis and inflammation of the gall bladder; menopausal syndromes: rapid heart rate, night sweating and insomnia.

It has the potential to decrease morbidity by alleviation of stress reactions in peri- and post-menopausal women.[1]



chai hu 24 g﹐gui zhi 9 g﹐gua lou gen 12 g﹐huang qin 9 g﹐mu li 6 g ﹐gan jiang 6﹐zhi gan cao 6 g.


Make into decoction and use as tea.


[藥方名]﹕柴胡桂薑湯  (傷寒論)


柴胡 24 g﹐桂 枝 9 g﹐瓜 蔞根 (天花粉) 12 g﹐黃 芩 9 g﹐牡 蠣 6 g ﹐乾 薑 6﹐炙甘草 6 g。


[主治] 治少陽虛症﹐化痰,治胸脅滿徵結﹐小便不利﹐手腳冷,口渴﹐頭汗﹐往來寒熱心煩﹐應用於感冒﹐肺結核﹐肋膜炎﹐腹膜炎 , 瘰瀝﹐肝火﹐神經衰弱﹐更年期障害﹐心悸亢進﹐不眠﹐盜汗等症。

[運用經驗] 虛弱 體質﹐以有口渴﹐無嘔吐感為鑑別點﹐尤其感冒經久微熱不退﹐疲勞無氣力者繁用之﹐對於典型的肺結核症狀亦有優異功效。

柴胡桂枝乾薑湯對絕 經期和絕經前後後的女性,減輕應激反應,以減少發病率。[1]

[1] 2005;33(5):703-11.

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