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Course Outline for Qigong Classes in Redwood City, Palo Alto and San Francisco

Introduction to qigong

Qigong classes available

How qigong works

Scientific aspect of qigong

These different types of qigong are being taught:

  1.   Minor Cycle of the Universe (microcosmic cycle) Qigong  (Micro Cosmic) (basic Daoist qigong)

  2.      Major Cycle of the Universe (macrocosmic cycle) Qigong   (Macro Cosmic) (basic Daoist qigong)

  3.      Eight Sections of Silk Qigong ( a martial art origin qigong for health maintenance)             Click here to see a research report on the beneficial effect of Eight Sections of Silk.

  4.      Five Animal Chart Play Qigong ( for health maintenance and recuperation)

  5.      Fragrant Qigong ( popular qigong for seniors to keep healthy)

  6.      Zhi Kong qigong (self control qigong) (a widely used qigong in cancer therapy)

  7.      Guo Lin Qigong effective for cancer therapy  (Most Widely Used Qigong for Cancer Therapy)

  8.        Ji San Gong (Gathering and Dispersing Qigong) --- for building up qi energy

  9.        Longevity Qigong ---- for improving qi and blood circulation

  10.       Shaolin Internal Power One Finger Chan Qigong ( a martial art origin qigong, now widely used for healing)  

  11.      Three Dan Tian in One  三田合一 ( a foundation for advanced internal qigong)

  12.      Taiji qigong  (a popular qigong in the eastern provinces of China. It was brought  to Japan by Ch'an -Zen-monks  during the Tang dynasty)

  13.      Tibetan Tantric qigong  

  14.       Medical Application of various qigong.

  15.       Meridians) and acupoints

  16.       Food (nutrition) and qi

Qigong classes



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