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dang gui shao yao tang    (in English and Chinese 中英文)




Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國編譯    


Name of Formula: dang gui shao yao tang (Source;Family Sickness, Must Read)


Syndrome: mulberry-like dark swollen turbinates, , nasal congestion with a lot of thick yellow or sticky white mucus, impaired smelling, speech not fluent, cough with abundance of mucus, tinnitus and bad hearing, red tongue or tongue with bruise spots, stringy and thready pulse.


Composition: chi shao 10 g,   dang gui 10 g, fu ling 12 g, bai zhu 10 g,  ze xie  10 g,  chuan xiong 6 g, huang qin10 g, xin yi hua 10 g, can tui10 g,  di long10 g, bo hecook last)6 g.

Boil with water and use as tea while warm.

方名:當歸芍藥湯  《家庭病必讀》



組成: 赤芍 10克,  當 歸 10 克,茯 苓 12克,白朮 10克, 澤瀉  10克, 川 芎 6克,黃芩10克,辛荑花10克,蟬衣10克,乾地龍10克,薄荷(後下)6克 。


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