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Dengue Fever  Chinese Medicine (in English and Chinese 中英文)




Diagnostics and Prescription


Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


These Chinese herb formulae listed are much more effective than the modern Western medical therapy.



The following seven formulae can be used according to diagnostics.

Formulae in English alphabets are for your reference only. Use the Chinese writing for prescriptions to avoid mistakes and to avoid confusion in Chinese herb stores.


1) Formula 1: for symptom of more dampness than heat.



hou po 10 g, bin lang 10 g,  huo xiang 12 g,  fa ban xia12 g,  huang qin  10 g,  gan cao 1.5 g,  cao guo 1.5 g, sheng jiang 1.5 g.

 Boil with water. Take as tea.  


 Constipation: add da huang 9 g,  during later part of boiling.


處方一:利濕透, 主治登革熱,濕重於熱型。

厚 樸  10 g,  檳 榔 10 g,  藿香 12 g,   半 夏 12 g,   黃 芩 10 g,   甘 草  1.5 g,  草 果 1.5 g,  生 姜 1.5 g.


加減:大便結燥者加生 大黃 9 g (後下)。



2) Formula 2 for symptom of more heat than dampness.


     jin yin hua 15 g, lian qiao 15 g, zhu ye 10 g,  ban lan gen 25 g,  xing ren 15 g,

     shen qu    15 g,  ge gen  30 g,  huo xiang 15 g,  qing hao 10 g.

      Boil with water.  Take as tea.



     High fever and sweaty: add sheng shi gao  20 g,  zhi mu 10 g,  xin xue dan 2 g.




    金銀花 15 g,  連  翹  15 g, 竹 葉 10 g,  板 藍 根 25 g,  杏仁  15 g,   神麴 15 g,   葛 根  30 g,   藿香 15 g,  青 蒿  10 g.



     高熱,多汗,加:生石 膏 20 g,   知母  10 g,   新雪丹2 g.



3) Formula 3 for symptom of bad heat entering qi and heat is excessive.



sheng shi gao 45 g, ( boil first), zhi mu 10 g, sheng di huang 12 g,  sheng gan cao 5 g, cang zhu 10 g, lian qiao 20 g,  jin yin hua 20 g, ban lan gen 25 g,  ge gen 30 g.

      Boil with water. Take as tea.



No or lack of sweat:  add qing hao 10 g. High fever: add xin xue dan 2 g.

Tongue with greasy white coating:  add huo xiang 10 g,  pei lan 10 g.

High fever with sweating and diarrhea: add wei ge gen 20 g,  huang qin 12 g, chuan huang lian 6 g,  jin yin hua 15 g,  lian qiao 15 g,            huai shan yao 15 g,  huo xiang 10 g.

Rash: add zi cao 15 g,  chi shao 10 g, dan pi 10 g, hong hua 6 g, sheng  di huang 30 g.




4) Formula 4 for symptom of qi and heat are overactive.



sheng shi gao  石 膏 60 g,  (boil first),  zhi mu 12 g, sheng di huang 12 g,   huang bo 12 g, xuan shen 12 g, huang qin 12 g,  shan zhi 12 g,  dan pi 12 g,  chi shao 12 g,  lian qiao 12 g,  jie geng 12 g,  zhu ye 12 g,  ban lan gen 12 g,

sheng gan cao 12 g.

 Boil with water. Take as tea.



 High fever: add xin xue dan 2 g.

 Constipation: add sheng da huang 9 g.



5) Formula 5 for symptom of yin fluid has been injured, during recovery period.



     shi hu 15 g,  bian dou 15 g,  tian hua fen 15 g,  sha shen 15 g,  dan pi 10 g,

      xuan shen 15 g, gu ya 30 g,  sheng gan cao 5 g.

      Boil with water.  Take as tea.



      Infection not completely cleared and slight fever in the afternoon:

      add chai hu 9 g,  bai wei 9 g,  di gu pi 9 g,  han lian cao 12 g.

      Heavy sweating and lack of strength :

      add tai zi shen 12 g,  wu wei zi 6 g, mai dong 10 g.    




6) Formula 6 for residual symptom of dengue fever.



     huo xiang 藿 20 g,  lian ye 10 g,  pei lan 10 g,  lu gen 20 g,

     shen qu 15 g,  yi yi ren 30 g,  jin yin hua 15 g.

      Boil with water. Take as tea.


    Rash not yet subsided: add zi cao 10 g,  chi shao 10 g.




7) Formula 7 for symptom of weakness of spleen and stomach with weak appetite and runny stool.



    dang shen 20 g,  bai zhu 15 g,  yun ling 20 g,  zhi gan cao 5 g,

     chen pi 5 g, fa ban xia 10 g,  ji nei jin 10 g,  huo xiang 10 g,

     sha ren 10 g,  to be added during later stage of boiling.

     Boil with water. Take as tea.





Source of formulae: Peng Yu Lin et al, Fu Shan City Chinese Medicine Hospital,

Fu Shan City, Guang Dong Province, China.


Clinical experiences in effectiveness:

Number of dengue fever patients: 484

Continuous contacted: 408

Healed: 405

Non effective: 3

Total % of healed patients: 99.3%

Average days for fever to subside: 2.51 days

Average healing days: 4.24 days.


Important: Click here to see explanation of formulae in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) page.


Note: xin xue dan is a preparation manufactured by Guangzhou Qi Xing Pharmaceutical Co.) It is an antipyretic medication.


註﹕新雪丹 (廣州奇星藥業有限公司 )

組成﹕升 麻磁 石石 膏寒 水石滑 石硝 石芒 硝龍 腦牛 黃,珍珠层粉,沉 香穿 心蓮山 梔子竹 葉

功用﹕消炎,解熱。用于各種熱性病的發熱 (如扁 桃體炎,上呼吸道炎,咽炎,气管炎,感冒,肺炎等所引起的高熱) 以及温熱病 之煩熱不解。


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