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Complementary Therapy of Chinese and Western Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus 

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

The complementary therapy for diabetes of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Qigong, Acupuncture, tui na,  and Western medicine has been a great success in China.

A majority of diabetes mellitus sufferers, when using Western medicine alone, eventually develop eye problems and/or kidney problems and/or die of cardiovascular complications. According to some reports from a  major modern hospital  in China, based on their data on diabetes patients, correct applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) together with modern drugs can prevent those complications.  In  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (of internal herbal medicine) a diagnosis is based on zheng (syndromes), which is a system of clinical diagnostics that emphasizes the overall functions of the human body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by itself cannot provide the needed insulin  for insulin dependent sufferers, but it can complement the pharmaceutically manufactured insulin to help maintain the whole system of the body if being used properly.

Note: All modern medical schools in China are teaching the same curricula as those of  the medical schools in the West. All major hospitals in China are the same as the Western type of hospitals in the West but many of them have started to use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy also. Some major traditional Chinese medical schools have started to include medical biochemistry in their curricula. 


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