Chinese Herb Formulae for Diabetes, Lung and Stomach Heat Overactive

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Herb Formulae for lungs and stomach heat is overactive

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Formula: bai hu tang, xiao ke fang adjusted

Application: for syndrome of thirst, frequent urination, dry throat and tongue, hungry, gradually losing weight, constipation, red tongue with thin yellow fur, rapid or thin and rapid pulse.

Prescription: bai hu tang with adjustment (as follows)

raw shi gao 30 g, zhi mu 10 g, sheng di huang 15 g, tian meng dong 10 g, mai dong 10 g, tian hua fen 30 g, huang lian 6 g, huang qin 10 g, gan cao  6 g, ou zhi (lotus root juice) 25 g (added after boiling all the above herbs with water).

If the patient is thirsty, drinks and urinates often: add wu wei zi , shi hu to facilitate the enhancing of yin to remove heat.. 

If the patient is tired and has cold sweat: add ren shen to improve qi and rid of thirst.

The above is classical traditional Chinese herb formula. Do not confuse this with the pre-packaged formulae which sometimes are not pure traditional Chinese herbs and might contain modern prescription drugs.




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