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Diabetes Herb Formulae for Qi and Yin Both Deficient 


Translated and Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   按此看中文

Diabetes sufferers of qixu (qi deficient) with yinxu (yin deficient) can further classified into four categories:

  1. Heart and lung both deficient

  2. Heart and spleen both deficient

  3. Heart and kidney both deficient

  4. Heart and liver both deficient

General formula :

sheng di, shu di, tu si zi, huang lian, tian dong, mai dong, xuan shen, da fu pi, yun ling, zhi mu, wu wei zi, shan yu rou, dang shen, huang qi, sheng shi gao. Boil with water. Take three times a day. Three months of therapy is considered as one treatment.

Adjustment of formula:

If heat is high, use bai hu tang (with adjustment). If yangxu (yang deficient), use jin gui shen qi wan with added rou gui and fu zi..  If blood pressure is high, add du zhong  and niu xu.. For those with coronary disease add guo lou,  jiu bai, and ban xia.

Source of the general formula: Guo Yu Ying, Xiyuan Hospital, Beijing Chinese Medicine Research Institute.


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  1. 心肺兼虚

  2. 心脾兼虚

  3. 心腎兼虚

  4. 心肝兼虚

一般處方:生地黃熟地黃菟絲子 川 蓮天門冬麥 冬玄 參大腹皮雲苓知母五味子山 茱 萸黨 參黃 耆,生石膏


加减:熱盛者,先用  白虎湯加减。陽虛  金 櫃腎氣丸  肉 桂附 子。并有血壓高者加杜 仲牛膝。有冠心病者加瓜 蔞薤白半 夏


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