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E JIAO   阿 膠              (in English and Chinese 中英文)     

by : Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Pharmaceutical name:

英 文藥名:

 Colla Corrii Asini

Latin Zoological name:


 Equus asinus L.  (glue of hide)

Pron. in Japanese:

日語 發音:


Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


 o1 guaa1

Other names:


lu pi jiao 驢皮膠pen fu jiao 盆覆 膠

Common Name:英 文名:

 Donkey hide glue



 mainly produced in Shandong, China.

主 產於:山東。別省亦有生產。

Properties (characteristics)


 slightly sweet in taste, neutral

略 甘,平。

Channels (meridians) entered:


 kidney, liver, lung

腎 ,肝,肺。

Actions & Indications:


E jiao with cattail pollen (pu huang) is usually used for arresting bleeding.

Being used in chronic diarrhea, purpura,  phobias, obsessions, compulsions, excessive anxiety, insomnia, chronic cough (due to TB), vomiting blood, bleeding in the uterus not during menses and metrostaxis (small but continuous haemorrhage of the uterine mucous membrane), apostaxis (slightly bleeding), hemoptysis (coughing up blood), hematuria (blood in urine),  hematochezia (blood in feces), due to yinxu with flushed tongue, thready and rapid pulse.

For promoting growth of children.

It should be taken on an empty stomach (i.e., at least one hour before or three hours after a meal).

止血常與蒲 黄合用。阿膠常用於:長期腹瀉,紫斑,恐怖症,困擾,強制感,憂慮,失眠,肺癆長期咳嗽,吐血,血崩,子宮滲血 (漏下) ,滴血,便血,而有 陰虛 兼有熱,脈細數。

Medical function:


1. Improves red cell count,

2. Corrects hypotension.;

3. Improve stress resistance of laboratory  mice in cold exposure, tiredness, and radiation exposure.

3. Improves muscle weakness due to malnutrition in guinea pigs.

4.  Improves calcium absorption of laboratory dogs.

5.  Improves immune system.

6. Improves conditions of kidney inflammation.

7. Increase blood pressure.



增進試驗室小鼠的抗壓能力:對冷,疲勞,輻射之 抵抗力

改善營養不良的豚鼠的肌 肉氣力

改善試 驗室狗隻的鈣質的吸收



Samples of formulae:


Threatened miscarriage: gu shen an tai yin

Cold and achy abdomen during pregnancy or bleeding after giving birth: jiao ai tang

Chronic ulcerative colitis: soften e jiao by steaming with hot water. Cut into 1.5 g to 2 g pieces. Deliver with anus tube after emptying the bowel. Apply once a day. 7 to  10 days is one therapy period. Take a break of 4 days between the therapy periods.

Insomnia due to yinxu (yin deficiency) and  yang overactive, accompanied with  dizziness,  headaches, palpitation, lethargy, pale  complexion, lack of appetite, dry mouth,  sometime urine is dark with dry stool, red  tongue, or light pink tongue, lack of moss,  pulse is stringy and fast or small and fast, or  floating, or slippery. Use huang lian e jiao  tang. Take out huang qin . Add long gu, mu li,  suan zao ren , chen pi. Effectiveness of formula: 13  patients; 8 healed; 5 improved.

Ulcer of lower legs: clean and disinfect the ulcer areas. Each time, before applying new medication, use infra red light on the ulcer areas for 10 to 15 minutes.  According to the affected areas, apply about 2 to 3 g of e jia paste on disinfected gauze and cover the ulcer area. Stabilize the gauze.  

Note: To make e jiao paste: mix 30 g of e jiao with 70 c.c. of water. Simmer in low heat until it becomes paste. [1]

[1] Journal of Eastern and Western Medicine, 1987;(4):241)

先兆流產: 固腎安胎飲

妊娠腹中冷痛或產後下血不止:  膠艾湯 

陰虛陽盛而失眠伴 有頭暈,頭痛, 心陣跳,疲倦,臉色蒼白,無食慾,口亁,有時尿 赤,便亁,舌紅,或粉紅無苔,脈弦數或細數或浮,或滑。用: 黃連阿 膠湯 黃 芩, 加 龍骨牡 蠣酸 棗仁 陳皮


治療 慢性潰瘍性結腸炎: 將阿膠塊隔水軟化,切成1.5~2克的小段,再在沸水中軟化,制成栓劑,塞入肛門,並用肛門管送入, 每天大便後上藥1次,7~10天為一個療程,兩個療程間停藥4天。

治療 小腿慢性潰瘍:先將潰瘍面作清創消毒,每次換藥前紅外線照射10~15分 鐘 。然將30阿膠放 入碗內,加淨水70 c.c.,文火溫化成 膏。按創面大小, 將2~3阿膠膏置於無菌紗條或紗布塊上覆蓋 於創面,固定,每天1次。一般20次 即愈。(《中西醫結合雜志 》 ,1987;(4):241)。

Chemical ingredients: 化學成份﹕

composed of collagen 膠原質 . Hydrolyzed into amino acids 氨基酸 : including 10% of lysine 胺酸, 7 % of  arginine 精胺酸, 2 % of histamine 組織胺 , 1 % of cysteinetryptophan 色胺 酸, hydroxyproline 羥脯 胺酸, serine 絲胺 酸aspartic  acid 天門冬胺酸, threonine 羥丁胺酸glutamic acid 麩胺酸, prolineglycine 甘胺 酸alanine 丙胺 酸, valine 纈胺 酸, methionine 甲硫 胺酸isoleucine 異白 胺酸, leucine 白胺酸, tyrosine 酪胺 酸,  proline 脯胺酸, histidine 組胺酸and  phenylalanine 苯丙胺酸.



5 to 15 grams a day。

Soak e jiao in rice wine to rid of gamey smell. After dissolving add to the herb liquid that have been strained of solid.

每 日量﹕5~15 克。先把阿膠放入黃酒浸泡去腥,待膏溶脹, 倒入煮好的 清藥汁中。



Do not use when there is blood stasis, pixu (stagnation in digestion, weak digestion), external syndrome as in cold or flu.

According to the book Ben Cao Bei Yao, not to use in case of diarrhea.

內 有 血淤   脾虛,及有表證者忌服。

本草備要》: 瀉者忌用

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See the differentiation of e jiao, lu jiao jiao (deer antler gelatin) and pig skin gelatin.

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