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Ejaculation Difficulty: Blood stasis

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu        按此看中文

Ejaculation difficulty means unable or difficult to

ejaculate during sexual intercourse. It does not

mean impotence.


The formulae are based on the different diagnostics.

Chinese writing  prescriptions should be used to avoid

confusion at the herb store. The formulae in Romanized

Chinese pinyin (pronunciations) are for your reference.


Formula: xue fu ju zhu tang, plus 


dang guisheng di, hong huahuai niu xi 9 g each,  tao ren 12 g,  zhi ke, chi shao 6 g each,  jiu zi 10 g, chai hugan cao 5 g each,  jie gengchuan xiong 4.5 g each,  add she chuang zi 12 g. Boil with water. One package per day. Make into 2 servings..




藥方名:血府逐瘀湯    醫林改錯》 加味


當歸 9 克生地 9 克紅花 9 克牛膝 9 克桃仁 12 克枳殼 6 克赤芍 6 克柴胡 5 克甘草 5 克 桔梗 4.5  克   川芎 4.5 克蛇床子



Other causes of ejaculation difficulties:

1. Yin deficiency and heat is high

2. Kidney deficiency due to fright

3. Liver stagnation and heat is high

Click on the above individual links for the correct therapies.

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