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Ejaculation Difficulty    性交不射精  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Treatment for liver stagnation and heat is high syndrome

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu         按此看中文

Ejaculation difficulty means unable or difficult to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. It does not mean impotence.


The syndrome of  "liver stagnation with heat" includes:


Fullness and pain in the chest, and with depressed mood.

Secondary: tightness and discomfort in the chest area, frequent sighing, lack of appetite, difficulty in ejaculation during intercourse, dislike talking, pain before and during menses (female), fullness in the breasts or with lumps, pale tongue with think fur, tight pulse.


A study using Beck Depression Inventory shows that most of the gan qi yu jie (liver qi stagnation) patients were depressed.


Another study shows that the increase of antidiuretic hormone is a significant correlative index of gan qi yu jie (liver qi stagnation). Gan qi stagnation is closely related with the function of regulating emotion of the central nervous system.



Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, (Yi Zong Jin Jian) with adjustment


long dan cao 9 g, huang qin   9 g,  shan zhi zi 9 g, ze xie 12 g, mu tong  6 g,

che qian zi 9 g, chai hu 6 g,  gan cao 6 g, sheng di 12 g,  

add: lu lu tong 30 g, wang bu liu xing 12 g, xiao hui xiang  10 g, zhi xiang fu zi 12 g.

Boil with water and use as tea.

One package per day to be taken twice a day.

Stop using it, when symptoms subside.

Warning: This formula can be toxic to the kidneys because of the herb mu tong. There are different varieties of mu tong in the market. Before the Qing dynasty, however, it was not the toxic variety, because those herb mu tong was derived from either the plant of Akebia guinata or the plant Akebia lobata.  Today, ninety five percent of mu tong (guan mu tong 關木通) used in China is from the stem of Aristolochia debilis, a toxic plant usually grown in the northeastern provinces of China, formally called Manchuria. Only rarely in a few localities in China, is mu tong obtained from Akebiaguinata or Akebia lobata being used. Today, all formulae that contain guan mu tong are being banned in China because of the toxicity to the kidneys.



龍膽瀉肝湯 《 醫宗金鑒 》


龍膽草 9 克, 黄芩   9 克,  栀子 9 克, 6 克,  9 克,

前子 9 克, 柴胡 6 克,  甘草 6 克, 生地黄 12 克,  

路路 30 克, 王不留行 12 克, 回香 10 克, 香附子 12 克.


每日一劑﹐分二次服。 中病即止﹐不宜過劑。

注意﹕ 木通有幾種。現在市場上賣的 95% 是關木通,


Other causes of ejaculation difficulties:

  1.  Yin deficiency and heat is high

  2.  Kidney deficiency due to fright

  3.  Blood stasis

Click on the above individual links for the correct therapies.

 Back to sexual dysfunction.


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