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Facial nerve palsy, DIY massage treatment  

Composed by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯     


The main cause of peripheral facial palsy is virus infection  The viral infection (called nefarious attacks  in old tradition Chinese Medicine),  is the original cause (原因), and  trauma like physical injuries, environmental factors ( like wind chill , wind heat and cold), and metabolic or emotional disorders may trigger reactivation of the dormant virus. The triggering is called inducing causes (誘因) in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • herpes simplex

  • herpes zoster

  • Epstein-Barr virus etc


Other causes:

  • accidental injuries during surgeries,

  • physical injuries in trauma,

  • drug injuries.

  • tumors,

  • strokes,

  • Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorfer infection) etc.


Facial palsy acupressure - massage, do it yourself

Warning: if the palsy is cause by physical injuries, do not massage on the affected area to avoid causing further injury to the nerves. Instead, use your finger tips lightly touch the point on the face..

1. he gu pointLI4

   Part of the body: hand acupoint
on the Large intestine channel of hand yangming

Medical function: it is the main point for relieving pain, and is antipyretic.

: diseases of the head, face, eyes, mouth, nose, mental weakness, paralysis, all kinds of pain.

Method to find the acupoint : It is on the back of the hand,  between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal (the palm bones of the thumb and first finger) midpoint of the first two metacarpal radial side, the highest point formed when the thumb is brought to rest against the index finger.
The simple method to locate the  acupoint: stretch and open the thumb and the index finger of one hand, place the crease of thumb joint of the other hand on the edge of the web  between the thumb and the index finger, the point where the tip of the thumb touches is he gu point  LI4.


Massage: pinch method.

Rhythmic pressing:: to work on  the left ,use the right hand holding the left hand,  use the fingertips of the right thumb, pinch and press the acupoint.

Pinch for 10 seconds, rest for 5 seconds.

Repeated: 5 minutes on each side. Do this daily morning and night, twice.


2. zu san liS36

Part of the body:: leg acupoint.
Stomach channel of foot yangming.

Method to find the acupoint : on the left leg use your right hand, on the right leg with your left hand. Use the second joint of your index finger to slide along the tibial moving toward to the protruding bone Where the fingertip is pointing is the zu san li acupoint.

Medical function: for correcting  spleen deficient (improving  digestion), improves circulation, being used as tonic. It is an important acupoint for health improvement..

Indications: gastritis, enteritis, constipation.

Massage: rubbing up and down
using push method.

Force and rhythm: sit up straight, place left foot flat on the chair, use left hand gently make a fist with the index finger first knuckle joint, rub the acupuncture points by push up and down for 10 seconds, rest for 5 seconds. Then do the right side. Do this daily morning and evening.

[Facial nerve palsy
,  facial massage]

First use a massage cream or glycerin in the morning and in the evening, to massage daily the following points,   Then use hot towel to massage the face for another 10 minutes to promote facial blood circulation.

I. Forehead: use the palm side of the middle finger massage upward from bottom massaging up to the edge of the hairline.

II. Eyes: using the palm side  of the 3rd finger, massage outward from jing ming point BL1 around the eyes along the edge of the eye sockets once.
III. Cheek:
(1) under the chin at use the palm side  of 3rd, 4th finger, massage from under the chin, in circular motion the ting hui point G2 (Anterior to the intertragic notch and posterior to the joint of the lower jaw. The point is located in the indentation when the mouth is open.).

Use the palm side of the 3rd and 4th fingers massage from di cang point S4 (on outside the corners of mouth, away about 0.4 cun) going up, drawing a small circles. Massage toward ting gong SI 19 (when the mouth is opened slightly; it is in the depression between the anterior border of tragus and the posterior border of the joint of lower jaw bone.)

from yin xiang LI 20 point, use the palm side  of the 3rd and 4th fingers, from the bottom up, massage in small circles to tai yang point

IV.  the lips:

 use the palm side of the index finger of both hands massage in circular motion around the lips.

[Daily health precautions]

Avoid directly facing electric fans or air-conditioning. Wear a hat, use scarf to keep warm. Wash the face with warm water, instead of cold water.

 Wear glasses to protect the eyes. Use eye drops  before going to bed and put on eye cover.

 Exercise the face by raising the eyebrows and opening and closing eyes and blinking the eyes..

Grimmacing, making balloon blowing, sucking moving,  chewing gum, to activate the facial muscles.

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