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Food Allergies

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


When  patients have chronic mood swings, short term memory problems (learning or reasoning problems), headaches, muscle pain, psoriasis, chronic sinus problems, asthma and/or chronic fatigue, and it seems that none of the therapies works, food allergies should be investigated.

The most common foods that trigger an allergic reaction in food sensitive people are: foods or drink that contain nitrites, glutamates, aspartic acid, caffeine, and tyrosine, gluten from wheat, soy, corn or peanuts, mold from food, followed by milk, eggs, citrus, tomatoes, sugar, brewer's and baker's yeast. However, any food or beverage can trigger a reaction in certain people.

Most food sensitivities  will not show up in standard skin scratch tests.

Most nutritionists, doctors and even most allergists are not trained to recognize food sensitivity.

Food allergy testing is usually done by process of elimination.  First, avoid the most common foods or beverages that can trigger allergic reactions. Avoid eating them until the symptoms subside. Then re-introduce them  one by one until the cause of allergy can be identified. Sometimes an allergic reaction might not show up immediately. Some might take two days or more to appear.


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