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fu tu point  ST32, 伏兔穴 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  興國編譯       按此看中文

fu tu point  ST32

Locating the acupoint: fu tu point ST32 is on the front of the thigh, at the meeting of the anterior superior iliac spine and the end of the lateral patellar lateral, 6 inches above the bottom of the patella (knee cap). When healer places the the wrist with the creases line up with the edge of the knee of the patients, and drops the palm on the patient's leg, where the middle finger tip is, will be the fu tu point ST32.
Anatomy: the fu tu point is in the
rectus femoris muscle . There are branches of lateral circumflex femoral artery and vein and covered with femoral cutaneous nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

Indications: pain in loin and cold knee, lower limb paralysis, hernia, beriberi.

Acupuncture: piercing 1 to 2 cun.
Combination: with pi quan point,
yang ling quan G34 to treat lower limb paralysis.

取穴方法:伏兔穴位於人體的大腿前面,當髂前上棘與髕(膝蓋)底外側外側端的連線 上,髕(膝蓋)底上6寸。術者以手腕橫紋抵患者膝蓋上緣,覆掌於患者腿上,當中指到達處是伏兔穴。
  解剖: 在股直肌的肌腹中有旋股外側動、靜脈分支;布有股前皮神經,股外側皮神經。

主治疾病: 腰痛膝冷,下肢麻痺,疝氣,腳氣。

人體穴位配伍: 配髀關穴、陽陵泉穴治下肢痿痺。

刺灸法: 直刺 1~2寸。


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