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jiang      (in English and Chinese 中英文)

sheng jiang 生薑 (fresh ginger)

gan jiang 乾薑: dry ginger

hei jiang 黑薑 (pao jiang  炮薑 ): black roasted ginger

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Click here to see sheng jiang (raw ginger) picture. 按此看生姜圖。

Pharmaceutical name:

Rhizoma zingiberis officinalis

Biological name:

Zingiber officinale Rosc.

Pron. in Japanese:

shokyo  (raw ginger 生姜)

Pron. in Korean


saenggang (raw ginger 生姜)

Pron. in Cantonese:


saang1  geong1  (raw ginger 生姜)

Common Name:


fresh ginger



most part of China 中國大多地區。

Properties (characteristics)


acrid, warm .


Channels (meridians) entered:


lung, spleen, stomach


Actions & Indications:

主 治:

Sheng jiang: Evaporate the exterior and rid of coldness, warms the middle burner (jiao) and alleviates stuffy nose, pain of intestine hernia, vomiting, stops coughing with chronic lung disorders with phlegm, reduces the toxicity of other herbs (like fu zi, ban xia). For sweaty feet, frost bite, sore mouth and tongue, body odor from armpits, itchiness, for preventing sea sickness.

Gan jiang mean dry ginger. Gan jiang is mainly used in warming the middle, purge coldness, correct yangxu condition which is to improve circulation, rid of  cold and pain of chest and of abdomen, lower back pain and chronic diarrhea.

Pao jiang (hei jiang) mean baked ginger. It is for warming the digestive system, getting rid of heat due to deficiency, for cold pain of chest and abdomen, flatulence, diarrhea. dysentry, stop bleeding, rid of clot blood, vomiting blood, diarrhea with blood, excessive bleeding during premenopausal stage.

生薑 主 治 :驅 寒溫中﹐通鼻﹐治小腸氙氣﹐嘔吐﹐肺虛痰多久咳﹐減輕其他藥物毒素(如附子﹐半夏)﹐腳汗多﹐凍瘡﹐口舌生瘡 ﹐狐臭﹐皮膚發癢﹐防暈船。

乾 薑 主 治 :

溫 中 , 散 寒 , 回 陽 ,宣 通 脈 。 心 腹 冷 痛 , 腰 痛 , 瀉 下 ,

反 胃 乾 嘔 , 淤 血 , 肕 血 。

炮 薑 (黑薑)主 治 :  溫 脾 胃 , 退 虛 熱 。 心 腹 冷 痛 , 脹 滿 ,下 痢 , 霍 亂 ,止血、去 瘀血﹐

肕 血 , 吐 血 , 血 痢 , 崩 漏 。


Medical functions:


Medical functions of sheng jiang:

  1. Protects live cells from damage from CCl4 ,

  2. Anti-bacteria (especially Salmonella)

  3. Lowers blood lipids

  4. Cholagogue (promotes bile secretion)

  5. Reduces pain

  6. Calming

  7. Anti inflammation

  8. Anti coagulation of platelets

  9. Anti allergy

  10. Anti tumors

  11. Anti hair growth: external use

  12. Prevents sea sickness


The ingredient, gingerol, possesses the effect of :

anti peptic ulcer, promoting flowing of bile, protecting  liver, cardiac stimulation, inhibiting platelet coagulation, preventing dizziness, anti-tumor, inhibiting CNS, improving auto-immune function, antibiotic (especially Salmonella), killing parasites, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxident, anti bacteria  and anti-trichomoniasis



保護 細胞避免被四氯化炭所傷,抗菌,尤其是沙門尼拉菌,降低血脂,促進膽汁分泌。止痛,鎮靜,消炎,防止血小板凝聚,防敏感,抗腫瘤,外用可防止毛髮 生長,防止暈浪。


姜辣素(gingerol)能抑制腸內的異常發酵和促積氣排出。  具有健胃抗胃潰瘍、利膽、保肝、強心、抑制血小板聚集、防暈、抗腫瘤、中樞抑制、增強免疫力、抗菌、殺虫、消炎之作用,還具有很強的抗氧化能 力。

Chemical ingredients:


2-heptanol, 1,3,3-trimethyltricyclo[2,2,1,0] heptane, tricycline, alpha-pinene, beta-fenchene, beta-pinene, 5-hepten-2-one-6-mehtyl, myrcene, octanal, alpha-thujene, ziniberol, 姜醇 zingiberol, 姜烯 zingiberene, α-姜黃烯 α-curcumene,  芳樟醇 linalool, 桉油素 cineole, phellandrene,camphene, citral, linalol, methylheptenone, nonyl aldehyde, gingerol, gingediol, methylgingediol, gingediacetate, methygingediacetate, albizziin, zingerone, shogoal, farnesol, hexahydrocureumin,  沒藥烯 bisabolene, cureumene, d-borneol, 1-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-3, 5-octanedial, 5-diacetoxyoctane

See chemical ingredients of gan jiang    看乾薑化學成份.



Fresh ginger: 3 ~ 8 grams per day in concoction.

Dry ginger:1 ~ 3 grams per day, in powder form.

Samples of formulae:

sheng jiang: gui zhi tang, ma huang tang,

hei jiang (pao jiang): sheng hua tang

gan jiang: li zhong tang

生姜桂 枝湯, 麻黃湯

炮姜: 生化湯 


Modern Research:

to be loaded


do not use when lung heat is present or in stomach heat with vomiting.

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