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ge hua jie cheng tang  葛花解酲湯 

(in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  興國編譯  

Name of Formula: ge hua jie cheng tang (Alcohol detox tea of kudzu flower) 《Source: Nei Wai Shang Bian Huo Lun 》

This formula also known as:

ge hua jie jiu tang, jie cheng tang, ge hua tang, ge hua jie xing tang ( Kudzu Flower Decoction to Relieve and Awaken

Application: too much alcoholic drink, burping or spitting undigested food, anxiety, fullness in chest area, shaky limbs, lack of appetite, difficulty in urination, sores in mouth and tongue, toothache, or alcoholic habit.

Composition of formula:

cao dou kou 15 g,sha ren 15 g,ge hua 15 g,gan jiang 6 g,liu shen qu(stir fry till light brown)6 g,ze xie 6 g,bai zhu 6 g,chen  pi(remove white parts)4.5 g,zhu ling(remove skin)1 錢5分,ren shen(remove stem)4.5 g,fu ling4.5 g,mu xiang 1.5 g,qing pi(remove white parts)1 g。


Grind all herb and make into fine powder.


Dosage: Use 10 g each time. Stir into rapid boiling water. Drink while warm to induce sweating.



方名:葛花解酲湯 《 內外傷辯惑論 》卷下




草豆蔻仁5 錢,縮砂仁5 錢,葛花5 錢,乾姜2 錢,神麴(炒黃)2 錢,澤瀉2 錢,白朮2 錢,橘皮(去白)1 錢 5分,豬苓(去皮)1 錢5分,人參(去蘆)1 錢5分,白茯苓1 錢 5分,木香 5分,青皮(去白色部分)3分。


用量: 每服10克,用白開水調下。但得微汗,酒病去除。

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