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gua sha 刮痧


By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    按此看中文。

Gua sha is a folk therapy where certain parts of the skin of the patient is scrubbed with a smooth object and lubricated with salt water until the skin becomes red. Usually smooth ceramic spoons or flat smooth plates made of water buffalo's horns are used.

Another method is pinching with thumb and index finger, lubricated with salt water. Sometimes the pinching method is called nian sha. 

Instead of using salt water, the following formula can also be used:


xue jie 12 grams, bai zhi 12 grams,  e zhu, 12 grams, hong hua 9 grams,

chuan shan jia 7 grams. she xiang 0.5 gram

Boil all the ingredient except she xiang in 750 cc of water and simmer until 100 cc left.  Wait till it is cool. Add 100 cc of vegetable oil and 0.5 gram of she xiang.

Mix and emulsify.

Caution: do not apply to wounds, inflammation areas of the body. Do not apply to a very large area at one time.


See qigong and gua sha


The green lines are the locations commonly used in nian sha (pinching method).

The pink lines are the commonly used locations in gua sha (scrubbing method).





血竭 12 克,白芷  12 克,莪 朮  12 克,红花 9 克,穿山甲 7克。

水750 c.c. 煎至100 c.c.。 放冷後,加菜油100 c.c.,麝 香 0.5克,磨成乳剤。

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