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gui ban 龜板,gui jia   龜甲,gui ban jiao 龜板膠


Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱 興 國 編 譯

A manuscript... writing and translation in progress

Pharmaceutical name:


Plastrum testudinis  (龜板),

Colla Plastrum Testudinis (龜板膠)

Zoological name:


Chinemys reevesii Gray

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


gwai1 baan2 (龜板), gwai1 gaap3 (龜甲), gwai1 baan2 gaau1 (龜板膠)

Other Names:


 shen wu 神屋

處 方名Prescription namesgui ban 龜板, 龜版, sheng gui ban 生龜板, chau gui ban 炒龜 板, jiu gui ban 炙龜板, cu gui ban 醋龜板, gui ban jiao 龜板膠 , su gui ban 酥龜板等  (jiao means glue)

Common Name:


fresh water turtle Shell



Japan, Korea and in most provinces of  China, except  Northeastern area, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang area. It is distributed in Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi provinces.  The herb is mainly produced in Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces.  Beside that, it also produced in Guangdong, Sichuan, Guizhou, Fujian, Shaanxi, Henan, Shanghai areas.

國 外分布於日本, 朝鮮; 在中國 除東 北地區 , 青 藏高原, 山西, 內蒙古, 寧夏, 新疆地區 尚無 發現外, 其他地區 均有分布。 分 布河北, 河南, 江蘇 , 山東 , 安徽, 廣 東 , 廣 西, 湖北, 四川, 雲南, 陝 西等地。藥 材主產 湖北, 安徽, 湖南, 江蘇 , 浙江等地。此外,廣 東 , 四川, 貴州, 福建, 陝 西, 河南, 上海等地亦產 。




salty, sweet, neutral.


Channels  meridians) entered:



liver, kidney, heart.


Medical functions:



improves function.of anti-cancer ability

能提高機體抗癌 的能力。

Actions & Indications:


being used in yinxu (yin deficient) , gu zhen lao re, hot flashes with night sweating, chronic ache in loin and knees, weakness in knees and feet of the aged, spermatorrhea and chronic cough, soft bones in small children, late development of teeth in small children and late in fusing of the anterior fontanel, fright and palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness, over abundance of bleeding during menses, heat in blood with bleeding not during menses, dark purple pieces of blood during menses, difficulty in delivery.

用於 腎陰虛, 骨 蒸勞熱, 潮熱盜汗, 陰虛陽亢,  陰 虛動風, 腰膝酸痛, 老人腳膝痿弱, 遺精久咳, 小兒軟骨, 小兒齒遲行遲及聰 門不合, 心虛驚悸, 失眠健忘, 月經過多, 血熱崩漏及 紫黑成塊﹐ 難產。

Chemical ingredients:


protein (about 32%)

 蛋 白质(约32%)


骨膠 原


天冬 氨酸


蘇 氨酸


蛋氨 酸


苯丙 氨酸


亮氨 酸

calcium carbonate 50 %

碳酸 鈣 约50%

preliminary test on the chloroform extract of the back shell showed it contain steroid compound reaction.

背甲 的氯仿 chloroform提取液预試 均有甾类 steroid 化合物反应

inorganic ions: K+,  Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+, P

無 機 離 子 K+,  Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+及磷。

After hydrolyzation with with acid, the back and abdomen shell yielded 16 same kinds of amino acid.

背甲 膠 经酸水解,有與 腹甲膠 相同的16種 氨基酸。

The meat contains: protein, fat, sugar, vitamin B1, B2, naicin

肉龜 肉 主要成分﹕ 蛋白質, 脂肪, 糖類, 維生素B1, B2, 菸酸。




Internal use: 10  to 24 g in decoction. Suitable to roast in sand. If usig raw shells, boil before other herbs.

External use: char and retain property. Grind into powder and apply on affected area.

內服入煎劑,常用量10~24克。宜砂炙。 如 用 生品宜 先煎。


Samples of formulae


1. For forgetfulness in studying

Name of Formula: Pills in the pillow of Confucius


Stale gui ban (bake till crispy),

long gu (make into powder and put into the cavity of killed chicken and cook for a day)

yuan zhi, chuang pu.

Using equal amount of each of the above ingredients. Make into pills.


2. Name of Formula: Da Bu Yin Wan (Dan Xi Xin fa)

Application: yinxu (yin deficient) with fever. For treatment of yinxu with fire, gu zheng lao re, cough with blood, night sweating and spermatorrhea.

Composition: gui ban (bake till brittle, 180 g),  shu di huang (steam with rice wine 180 g), zhi mu (stir fry with rice wine 120 g) , huang bai (stir fry till brown 120 g). 

Make into fine powder. Mix with steam pork spinal marrow and refined honey. Make into pills about 15 g each. Take with light salt water, one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening.

It can be made into decoction using the same proportion with decreased amount of herb.


3. hu qian wan


1. 孔聖枕中丹 《清‧汪昂 醫方集解》治讀書善忘,久服令人聰明。【 组成】敗龜板酥灸, 龍骨研 末入雞腹煮一宿, 遠志, 九節菖 蒲 各等分。.

2, 大補陰丸 (溪心法)﹕  陰虛發熱之症。治陰虚火旺  骨蒸勞 熱, 咳嗽咯血, 盜汗遺精。【 组成】  龜 板 (酥炙,180克), 熟地黃 (酒蒸,180克), 知母(酒炒,120克), 黃柏  (炒褐色,120克)


3. 虎潛丸

Modern Research:



Toxicity & Cautions:


  1. not to use in cases of yangxu (yang deficient) or pixu (spleen deficient);

  2. not to use in cases of cold / flu infection not yet cleared;

  3. use with care during pregnancies

  4. not to use in patients who are weak and without fever [2]

  5. the herb is cold and can reduce yang qi The herb should not be used in cases of yang deficient with false heat syndrome and with  piyangxu, shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient). If use by mistake, it will weaken digestion. [1]


  1. 陽虛 脾虛 忌服

  2. 表邪未解者忌服,

  3. 孕婦慎服。

  4. 妊婦不宜用,病人虚而無 熱 者不宜用。 [2]

  5. "性稟陰寒, 善消陽氣, 凡陽虛假熱, 及 脾陽虛 (脾胃 虛寒)命門虛寒等證, 皆切忌之, 毋混用也。 若誤用, 久之則必致敗脾妨食之患。"

:妊婦不宜用,病人虚而無 熱 者不宜用。

[1] Jing Yue Quan Shu  景岳全書

[2] Ben Cao Jing Shu   本草經疏

Reference : 參考 ﹕南方農村報﹔ 烏龜養殖系列報道之二﹔  曾旭權﹐ 尹林

Note: gui ban jiao is more concentrated and stronger than gui ban. It is the gelatin obtained by prolonged cooking of Tortoise Shell.

註: 龜板膠比龜板功用較强。是用龜板熬成的膏。

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