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guolin walking


Taught by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Recorded by Joanna Weichert


As in all guo lin exercises, women start with the right side and men start with the left.

These directions are for women. Men use the opposite leg and arm.


1. Inhale twice with two half-steps, PALM IN FRONT OF Sea of qi


Women place their right leg in back. With the left palm (Palace of Labor) facing the Sea of Qi , a point 1 1/2 inches below the navel,  move your right leg even with the left and pause, resting on the ball of the foot. As you do this, inhale halfway and pause the breath briefly. Then take another half-step forward with the right leg, filling the lungs as you do. Pause and hold your breath. Keep your left palm in front of your belly.


2. Exhale with one full step and switch arms


Now take the next step, a full step, with the other leg, landing ahead of the first leg. Exhale as you step. As you move your leg, switch your arms easily and normally, placing your other hand in front of your belly, and the first arm by your side.


Continue this in a gentle easy rhythm. You will find it easier as you practice. You may walk in a slow, medium or fast speed.  You may walk for some time--hours even.




After you have been doing this for some time and if you feel tired, you may stop and change sides, doing the half-step with the other leg.


Practice this for about 2 hours a day.


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