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Bottom of the feet get hot 腳底發熱


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國编譯            按此看中文。


Diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or chronic drug usage can result in a person's feet getting hot . When the bottom of the feet get hot, it is important to check to see if there are problems related to:

  1. nerves or/and

  2. blood vesselsor/and

  3.  pixu (spleen deficient) or/and

  4. shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)

1. Nerve problems that cause hot feet include compression of the nerve due to intervertebral disc hernia, vertebral bone spurs, or  subluxation of vertebrae (when the vertebrae aren't properly aligned). Peripheral nerves can be damaged due to diabetes, chronic intoxication of alcohol, low blood sugar, or porphyria.

2. Blood vessel problems may be indicated if the bottom of the feet are hot and there is also edema. Blood vessel problems can be caused by diseases of the vein, such as blood clots, phlebitis (inflammation of the vein), or infection of the vein. If there is no edema, blood vessel problems can  be caused by diabetes. High blood sugar causes disease of the arteries which causes the feet to become hot or cold. Blood vessel problems can also be caused by coronary diseases, fungal infections, and

3. pixu (spleen deficient): bad digestion such as malnutrition resulting from difficulty in eating and difficulty in nutrient absorption.

4. kidney yin deficient syndrome


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  1. 神經系統疾病, 或/與有

  2. 血管係統疾病, 或/與有

  3. 脾虛証, 或/與

  4. 腎陰虛

1. 神經系統疾病:椎間盤突出,椎體骨質增生,椎體關節錯位等致使到遠端神經受到壓迫因而發生腳底發熱。糖尿病引起的周圍神經病變,慢性酒精中毒,低血糖,尿紫質症的周圍神經損傷。

2. 血管係統疾病:如腳在發熱同時還有浮腫,則可能是靜脈係統發生病變,如血栓,靜脈炎,靜脈感染等。如無浮腫可能是由糖尿病, 血糖高所引起動脈問題,而致腳部發冷或發熱。冠心病,霉菌感染。

3. 脾虛: 由消化係統疾病所引發,比如長期的進食困難和吸收障礙所致的營養不良,而導致循環不好。

4. 腎陰虛

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress


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