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hun tio point GB30 環跳穴 (in English and Chinese 中英文)
Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯

Huan tiao point is situated at the intersection of gallbladder channel of foot shaoyang and bladder channel of foot taiyangBladder channel of foot taiyang.

Location: While lying on the side, the point is at the junction of the middle and lateral third of the distance between the highest point of great trochanter (a large bulge on the lateral junction between the shaft and neck of the femur) and the gap of the sacrum.

Indication:  Sciatica, lower extremity paralysis, lateral femoral cutaneous neuralgia, hip soft tissue disease, lower limb spasticity.

  1. Muscles: gluteus maximus, the quadratus femoris muscle, lower edge of piriformis.

  2. Nerves: hip nerve, inferior gluteal nerve, in the deeper location there is the sciatic nerve; at the side is the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh.

  3. Blood vessels: the inside is the inferior gluteal artery and vein


Needling method: perpendicularly 1.5 ~2.6 cun.

Moxibustion: 3~5 pieces or use moxa roll for 10~15 minutes.


環跳穴 GB30是足少陽、太陽經之交會穴。





  1. 肌肉:臀大肌,股方肌,梨狀肌下緣。

  2. 神經:臀下皮神經,臀下神經。深部正當坐骨神經;內側為股後皮神經。

  3. 血管:內側為臀下動脈與靜脈



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