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   huang qi jian zhong tang 黃耆建中湯

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu         按此看中文


Name of Formula: huang qi jian zhong tang(Jin Gui Yao Lue)


Application: warming the digestive system. Syndrome:cold, crampy and achy stomach, cold aversion, preferring warmth, cold extremities,jaundice and thin,lack of appetite, unusual sweating, fatigue, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, palpitation, night sweating, hot hands, dry mouth, dry throat, short of breath and lazy to talk, pale tongue with thin fur..


huang qi,12 g,  gui zhi 12 g, bai shao 12 g, gan cao 8 g,

sheng jiang 3 slices, da zao 5 piece (cut open)


Boil with 1200 ml of water. Simmer till 400 ml.

Add yi tang (maltose) 30 g to the strained liquid.

Drink as tea while warm.


Editor's Note; if there is flatulence after meals,

use mai ya instead of yi tang (maltose).



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〔方名〕黃耆建中湯《 金櫃要略 》

〔組成〕黃耆 12克, 桂枝 12 克  ,  白芍 12 克, 甘草 8 克 ,生薑 三 片 , 大棗 五 枚 切 ﹐飴糖 18 g 後下。

加 水 三 碗  煎 成 一 碗 。 加一飴糖。 溫 服 。




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