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huo luo dan 活絡丹


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    


Name of Formula: huo luo dan (Taiping He Ju Ji Fang)

Other Name: xiao huo luo dan

Application: invasion of wind damp cold. Symptoms:  tendons and spastic limb pain, joint stiffness, pain locations  not definite;  chronic paralysis in arms and legs after stroke, phlegm and blood stasis, heavy sensation in waist and legs, aching arms or legs; impact injury,  pain resulted from blood stasis.


Composition:  chuan wu (baked, remove skin and core) 180 g, cao wu180 g (baked, remove skin and core) dan nan xing 180 g,  di long (remove earth)180 g, ru xiang, (grind) 66 g, mo yao (grind) 66 g。

Grind each of the 6 items separately. Mix well. Make glue with rice wine and flour. Mix the powder with the glue. Make into pills the size of soy beans.

Dosage: Take 20 pills each time with empty stomach. Take during noon time with cool rice wine or with jing jie water decoction.


Warning: not to use in cases of  yinxu (yin deficient) with heat or during pregnancy.


Present day application: It is deems that this formula is effective for anti-inflammatory, arresting pain, anti blood stasis, improving blood circulation, promoting the dissipation of blood stasis of the affected areas, anti-arthritis. Mainly be used in sequelae of strokes, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms with spastic and painful limbs, stiffness in joints, pain not in definite area.


藥方名:活絡丹 (太平惠民和劑局方)
別名: 小活絡丹
川烏炮(去臍, 皮)180克,  草烏180克(去臍, 皮),  膽南星炮180克,  地龍(去土)180克,  乳香研66克,  沒 藥研66克。
上藥六味, 各研細末, 混和研勻, 酒調麵糊為丸, 如梧桐子大。每服20丸, 空心, 日午冷酒送下, 荊芥茶下亦得。亦可按此劑量水煎服用。




 寒濕侵襲經絡,肢體筋脈攣痛,關節伸屈不利,疼痛遊走不定;中風後手足不仁,日久不愈,經絡中有痰濕死血,腰腿沉重,或腿臂間作痛;跌打損傷, 血淤阻經絡而疼痛者。






現代醫學認為本方消炎,鎮痛,抗血淤,改善血液循環,促使病變部位的 血淤消散,抗風濕。主要用於:腦溢血後遺症、慢性風濕性關節炎、類風濕性關節炎,見肢體筋脈攣痛,關節屈伸不利,疼痛遊走不定者。

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