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Chinese Herbs Treatment on Hyperthyroidism  甲狀腺亢進

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按此看中文

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1. Formula 1.

Pin Yin Complex Formula

xuan shen 9 g, bai shao 9 g, dan pi 9 g, sheng di 9 g, dang gui 9 g,  fu ling 9 g, shan zhu yu 6 g, sheng long mu 30 g, xia ku cao 12 g, zhe bei 9 g, wa leng zi 15 g, qing pi 9 g, chen pi 9 g, san leng 9 g, e zhu  9 g.

Boil with four and a half bowls of water. Water level should be over the herbs. Simmer till one bowl. Make into 3 servings. Drink while the liquid is warm.

Adjustment of formula :

 SymptomsAdd the following herbs to formula or adjust
1Qixu:dang shen, huang qi, bai zhu
2Exophthalmos (Eyes protruding):qing xiang zi, ju hua, che qian zi.
3Diabetic and thirsty:tian hua fen, zhi mu, shi gao, ge gen, larger doses on sheng di, shan yao.
4Palpitation and insomnia:ye jiao teng, sheng zhe shi, chao suan zao ren, zhen zhu mu
5Enlargement of liver and low function of liver:yu jin, dan shen, bie jia.
6Jaundice:yin chen hao, ze xie, zhi zi, zhu ling.
7Pixu with diarrhea:take out yin tonic herbs and add bai zhu, dang shen, shan yao.
8Painful swelling of throat and fever in the afternoon:bai he, shuang hua, yu zhu, and larger doses of sheng di, xuan shen.
9Xinqixu, shortness of breath and edema:take out qi breaking herbs and add dang shen, huang qi, he huan pi, bai zhu, shen qu, bai mao gen, che qian zi.
10Lack of strength and atrophy of limbs:huang qi, dang shen, bai zhu, yin chen hao.

Effectiveness of Formula:

Total patients: 110

Total recovered: 38

Great improvement: 63  (clinical symptoms greatly improved; base metabolic rate became normal; lab tests were normal)

Improved: 6 (clinical symptoms improved; base metabolic rate decreased; lab tests not completely normal)

Not much improvement: 3

Swelling completely disappeared:  in 59 of the original 77 patients with swollen thyroid. The swelling obviously went down in 10.

Exophthalmos (Eyes protruding) completely gone: in 40 of the original 54 patients with exophthalmos.  The condition was obviously improved in 10.

This therapy is effective for hyperthyroidism. The majority of the patients improved after 3 ~ 6 days. This herb therapy is especially effective in correcting exophthalmos and swelling of the thyroid glands. From long term observation, Chinese herbal therapy is more effective than modern drug therapy. The above dosage was illustrated by Wu Xuan Yi. Source of formula: Yuan Wen Xue, People's Hospital, Chang Chun, Jilin, China.

2. Formula 2.

long dan xie gan wan

See Chinese writing here.

(If you are a Chinese herb doctor you have to use the Chinese writing as a guide to avoid misunderstandings in the Chinese herb stores.)

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