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hyperuricemia Excess uric acid in the urine)


by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Signs and symptoms

It usually affects one joint of the body.  The affected joint is  swollen, red, tender and warm. Usually gout affects middle-aged men rather than women. It rarely occurs in premenopausal women. After postmenopausal the number of occurrences in men and women are about the same.  Those who have a family history of gout and those who receive diuretic therapy are more likely to suffer from gout.

Chinese herb therapy


name of formulae: san miao tang ,  bi jie shen shi tang (combined)


cang zhu   10 g, huang bai   10 g, niu xi 15 g, chuan bi xie 15 g, raw yi yi ren  30 g, chi shao 15 g, dan pi  15 g, ze xie   15 g, hua shi 30 g, tong cao 5 g.

For high fever: add sheng shi gao 30 g, zhi mu 10 g, shui niu jiao 30 g.

For red and swollen joints: add old sang zhi 30 g, ren dong  teng 30 g.

For yellow urine: add shan zhi zi 10 g, che qian cao 30 g, ju mai15 g.

Make into decoction. One prescription a day. One week is a therapy period. Take it for 3 consecutive weeks.

三妙湯合萆 薢 渗濕湯


蒼 朮10克﹐黃 柏10克﹐牛膝15克。

萆薢 渗濕湯 (瘍科心得集)

萆 薢15克﹐薏苡仁30克﹐赤芍 15克﹐丹皮15克﹐澤 瀉 15克﹐滑石30克﹐通草5克。


高熱﹕加 石膏 30克﹐知母10克﹐水牛角30克。

關節紅腫嚴重﹕加老桑枝30克﹐忍 冬 30 g。

尿黄溲赤﹕加 山梔子10 g,車 前草 30 g,瞿 麥15 g


痊愈 61例,佔51.7%,有效53例,佔44.9%,無效4例,佔3.4%,總有效率96.6%。


參考文獻﹕ (bibliography in Chinese)

1 郭巨灵,主编.临床骨科学.北京:人民生出版社,1989.468~469
2 山中寿.痛风の病像と诊断.诊断と治疗, 84(5):778
3 鲜光.痛风性關節炎证治體會中醫雜志,1999, 40(1):18

Green tea may help in gout therapy.

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