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Hypothyroidism, Chinese Herb Therapy   甲狀腺功能低下

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按 此 看 中 文

Select one of the formulae that matches the syndromes.

Name of Formula: Zhang's Hypothyroidism Formulas

Formula 1

For piyangxu syndromes with hypothyroidism


fu zi 6 g, gan jiang 3 g, ruo gui 2.1 g, dang shen 15 g, fu ling 9 g, bai zhu 9 g, zhi gan cao 4.5 g.  Make into decoction. Use as tea.

Take while warm.



Formula 2

For gan wang pixu syndromes with  Hypothyroidism: painful and bulging sensation in the rib cage, depressed mood, lack of appetite, flatulence with frequent diarrhea, loose stool.


chai hu 6 -10 g, bai shao 15 g, dang shen 15 g, bai zhu 10 g, fu ling 15 g, gan cao 3 g. Make into decoction. Use as tea.

Take while warm.



Formula 3

Name of Formula: chen xia lu jun tang plus si shen wan

For pixu (spleen deficient) and damp and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient)  Hypothyroidism


dang shen 15 g,   bai zhu 12 g,  fu ling 12 g, po gu zhi 12 g.  tu si zi 12 g,  

wu zhu yu 18 g, wu wei zi 6 g,baked rou dou kou  3 g.

Boil with 3 bowls of water and simmer down to 1 bowl. Take while warm.


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甲 狀 腺 機 能 低 下


1. 温中健脾,扶陽補腎方



附子 6克,乾薑 3克,肉桂 2.1克,黨参15克,茯苓 9克,白 朮 9克,炙甘 草 4.5克。



2. 健脾利濕平肝方

主治: 肝旺脾虛型,甲狀腺機能减退症。

肝旺脾虛証 (同義詞:肝木侮土証﹔脾虛肝旺証)。症狀:脅脹脅痛,情緒抑郁,納呆食少,腹脹欲瀉,大便稀溏,脈弦緩等。


柴胡 6∼10 克,白 芍 15 克, 黨参15克, 白 朮10 克,  茯苓 15 克, 甘 草 3 克。



3。 溫補腎陽 , 去健 脾




黨参 15 克,白 朮 12 克, 茯苓 12 克,補骨脂 12 克, 菟絲子 12 克,  

吴茱萸 18 克,五味子 6 克,   肉 荳蔻 3 克。



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