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Impotence, Acupuncture Therapy

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

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1. Xin-pixu (heart spleen deficiency): weak erection or erection failure,with

palpitation, short of breath,

  1. lazy to talk,

  2. listlessness,

  3. pale and yellow complexion,

  4. lack of appetite,

  5. pale swollen tongue with teeth marks,

  6. thin and weak pulse,

  7. flatulence,

  8. loose stool,

  9. bleeding

2. shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient):  weak erection, or erection failure, with

  1. dizziness,

  2. tinnitus,

  3. soreness and weakness of legs and knees,

  4. cold lower back with cold hands and feet,

  5. frequent urination at night,

  6. pale color urine

  7. pale tongue with white coating, deep,

  8. edema in extemities,

  9. slow and weak pulse.


1. Body acupuncture:

  1. guanyuan (Ren 4),

  2. sanyinjiao (Sp 6) and

  3. ligou (Liv 5)

For xinpixu add shenmen (H 7),

for shenyangxu add mingmen (Du 4).

Use filiform needles with reinforcing method. Moxibustion can also be used.

Ear acupuncture:

  1. pt. seminal palace,

  2. pt.external genitalia,

  3. pt. testis,

  4. pt. endocrine.

2~4 points to be selected for each therapy. Needle retention: 30 minutes. One treatment per day. Seed pressing therapy can also be used.

Electric acupuncture:

Group I.

  1. ciliao (B 32),

  2. rangu (K 2)

Group II.

  1. guanyuan (Ren 4),

  2. sanyinjiao (Sp 6)

Use I and II alternatively with low frequency pulse current, 3~5 minutes.

See Qigong Therapy

See  Herbal Therapy

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