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Interstitial Cystitis, Herb Therapy  間質性膀胱炎

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu               按此看中文

Clinical observation:

Urinary urgency, frequency and lower abdominal pain not caused by infections or tumors.

The auto-immune dysfunction has been suspected as the main cause of interstitial cystitis. There is no established traditional treatment for interstitial cystitis. Usually supportive treatments are being used.


A drug called  Suplatast Tosilate  (IPD-1151T), a TH2 cytokine inhibitor, made by Taisho Pharmaceutical (大 正制药株式会社)the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, has been tried on interstitial cystitis patients and has produced beneficial result.  This points to the possibility that auto-immune dysfunction can be the main cause of interstitial cystitis.

The side effects of long term usage of  this drug have not been established.

The author has had good success in correcting the auto-immune dysfunction with certain combinations of qigong training.

Other syndromes caused by auto immune dysfunction include asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, non infection chronic inflammation of prostates,  non infection chronic fatigue, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), scleroderma, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), etc.

Duke psychologist, Edward Suarezmen, found that under stress men with low serotonin produced higher levels of two cytokines -- interleukin 1 alpha and tumor necrosis factor alpha and both of these cytokines are well recognized as contributing to atherosclerosis. But, women with low serotonin showed an increase only in interleukin 1 alpha.

Interleukin 1 alpha is a  type of biological response modifier which stimulates the growth and action of immune system cells that fight disease. 

The editor has observed that many patients with interstitial cystitis also have depression and stressful lives. This may be caused by the higher levels interleukin 1 alpha which causes the auto-immune dysfunction.


Herb therapy


che qian cao 15 g, jin qian cao 15 g, bai hua she she cao 10 g, hu po powder 3 g, bai shao 10 g, chi shao 10 g, gan cao 10 g, ze xie 10 g, dan pi 10 g, fu ling 10, gui zhi 3 g, tu fu ling 15 g, xia ku cao 15 g.

Boil with water. One prescription per day. Divide into 3 servings. Use 7 to 15 prescriptions.

Adjust the formula according to zheng (syndrome) using traditional Chinese medical diagnostics.

For those diagnosed with shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient):

when symptoms disappear, use liu wei di huang wan and lu dou tang (mung bean soup) regularly to maintain health of bladder.

Source of formulae: 《人民日报海外版》 (2001年12月03日)

Editor's note: The formula contains 15 grams of xia ku cao, but if the patient is seriously in the condition of shenyangxu, the herb may be too cold for the patient.  Xia ku cao possesses relatively high large quantity of potassium salt  which may not be suitable for IC sufferers who have the condition of shenyangxu. The delimma is that xia ku cao possesses autoimmune suppressing effect which may be suitable for the disease.

Warning: Lu dou tang and liu wei di huang wan are not suitable for shenyangxu IC sufferers.

After syndromes have subsided, shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) IC sufferers can use jin gui shen qi wan or shi quan da bu tang to improve health.

Most of chronic IC sufferers are of shenyangxu type.



Phaseolus aureus is the botanical name for mung bean or lu dou.

lu dou tang:

Raise about 30 grams of mung bean and 3 grams of chen pi. Simmer in about 1200 c.c. of water for 1 hour. Use as porridge.  See full description of mung bean.

(Warning: this soup is not suitable for kidney yang deficient patients). It is suspected that most IC sufferers may be kidney yang deficient.

Avoid consuming:

 spicy food, sugar or fruit juices, coffee, chocolate, alcohol,  and avoid products containing ephedra (ma huang), ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.  If the body is shenyangxu (kidney yang  deficient) type, avoid food high in potassium, like citrus, bananas, mung bean sprouts, grapes, spinach, and mustard  green.

 Important: Click here to see explanation of formulae in  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) page.

 If auto-immune dysfunction is suspected  qigong therapy can be used as main therapy if other methods fail.

jin qian cao, (Lysimachia nummularia L.)

Properties: acrid, cool, bitter and non toxic.

Uses: rid of infection, promote urination, inhibition coughing, for jaundice, for stones in kidneys or bladders, spitting of blood, skin rash.  See full description of jin qian cao.

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hu po (fossil of amber) is the rosin fossil of pine trees.

Uses: rid of blood clots, calming, for epilepsy, insomnia, blood in urine, to promote urination.

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chen pi

Chen pi is the dried and semi fermented peel of citrus reticulata Blanco, citrus tangerina Hort. et Tanaka,  or citrus erythrosa Tanaka . See full description of chen pi here.


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xia ku cao


xia ku cao is the dry flower of Prunella vulgaris Linn. Uses: treating red and painful eye due to infection,  swollen glands, scrofula (TB infection of lymph nodes), goiter, dull headache /dizziness due to hypertension. See full description of xia ku cao here.




大正药 株式会社(Taisho Pharmaceutical )所製造消炎甲 磺司特(Suplatast Tosilate) 為白细胞介質抑制劑,作為支氣管哮喘、過敏性鼻炎及特應性皮炎治療藥已經上市。



自體免疫機能過敏可引起各種症狀﹔包括﹕哮喘﹐類風濕關節炎﹐非感染性前列腺炎﹐非感 染性長期疲倦﹐紅斑性狼瘡﹐硬皮病﹐自發性血小板減少紫瘢等。


車前草15 克﹐ 金錢草15克﹐紫草15克﹐土 茯苓15克﹐白花蛇舌草10克﹐琥 珀粉3克(另包)﹐白芍10克﹐赤 芍10克﹐甘草10克﹐澤瀉10克 ﹐丹皮10克﹐茯苓10克﹐夏 枯草 15 克﹐桂枝3克。

先將各藥(除琥珀粉)用水洗淨。各藥連同琥珀粉加水六大碗﹐煎成兩碗。每日一劑 分三 次溫服。

連用7 至15 劑。痊癒後。腎陰虛者可用六味地黃丸 和綠豆湯 調理。

出處﹕《 人民日报海外版》 (2001年12月03日)

原方有夏枯草15克。編者認為夏 枯草含鉀鹽太高﹐不適 合腎陽虛間質性膀胱炎病人 。如腎陽虛情形嚴重﹐夏 枯草可能不合用。 但夏枯草有免 疫抑制作用也許有用。   敬請中醫前輩不惜指教。

須避免用﹕辣椒﹐香料﹐咖啡﹐酒精﹐巧克力, 可可﹐麻黃﹐含麻黃素之西藥。

體質屬於腎陽虛型者 少 吃高鉀食物﹔如柑桔﹐柚﹐西柚﹐香蕉﹐葡萄﹐菠菜﹐芥菜, 等。

如懷疑是自體免疫機能致病﹐可用氣功治 療。


性味: 味辛苦,性寒,無毒。

功效: 清熱,利尿,鎮咳。治黃疸、結石、







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