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jiao ai tang (also called xiong gui jiao ai tang)  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

膠艾湯 (亦名芎歸膠艾湯)《 金櫃要略 》

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu            按此看中文

Name of formula: jiao ai tang (also called xiong gui jiao ai tang)

Source of Formula: Jin Gui Yao Lue


Bleeding not during menses, or bleeding nonstop during child birth, or bleeding during pregnancy, or pain in abdomen during pregnancy, also for heavy bleeding during menses. (Bleeding and pain in abdomen can be sign of going to have miscarriage.)

Caution: not to use this formula if there is sign of heat.


chuan xiong 2 qian, e jiao 2 qian,  gan cao 2 qian,

dang gui 3 qian, ai ye 3 qian, bai shao 4 qian, sheng di huang 6 qian.

Add 2 1/2 bowls of water. Simmer till 80% of a bowl. Drink while warm before meals.

Adjustment of formula:

1.excessive movements of fetus: add huang qin, bai zhu.
2.loin and abdomen ache: add zhi shi, hou po
3.bleeding nonstop: add hei jiang, hei di yu,  ai ye tan

Note: qian = 3.75 grams (old measurement)


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膠艾湯 (亦名芎歸膠艾湯)《 金櫃要略 》





川芎    二錢﹐  阿膠  二錢﹐甘草  二錢﹐當歸  三錢﹐

艾葉 三錢﹐白芍 四錢﹐生地黃 六錢。


用於治療各種長久出血,而導致貧血。須無熱性症狀者,才可適用。可用於子宮出血 ,妊娠時的子宮出血,由於子宮內膜炎所引起的赤白帶下,痔出血等病;又可應用於治療血尿,外傷後的內出血,紫斑病,各種貧血症,習慣性流產,青年期出血,子宮癌等的虛寒性出血 ,吐血,喀血,口內出血,眼出血等而顏色蒼白,下部虛寒者,肛門出血,腎臟結石,腎結核,膀胱結核等所引起的血尿等症。

1.胎動不安: 黃芩白朮
2.腰疼腹痛: 枳 實厚樸
3.漏血不止: 黑薑 ,黑地 榆  ,黑艾葉

錢=3.75克 (舊制)


A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading              in progress

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