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jīng míng point BL1 睛明穴 (in English and Chinese 中英文)
Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯

jing ming point BL1


This acupoint is located at the intersection of small intestine channel of hand taiyang. bladder channel of foot taiyang, yang qiao channel, yin qiao channel and du channel.


Location: jing ming BL1 is located In the depression slightly above the inner canthus (The angle formed by the meeting of the upper and lower eyelids at inner side of the eye.)


Anatomy:  It is in the ligament of the orbital edge of the eyelid. In the deepside are the  artery and vein of the rectus of the eye, the supratrochlear artery, subtrochlear artery. At above there are the eye arteries and veins, and trochlear nerves. Deeper inside there is nerve of the eye and above there is nasociliary nerve.

Indication: Conjunctival congestion, pain in eyeballs, itching of the paropia (The angle of
the eyelids toward the temples), epiphora (overflow of tears onto the face).,  dizziness of vision, myopia. night blindness, color blindness,


睛明穴 BL1


手太陽,足太陽,足陽明,陰蹺脈, 陽蹺脈,督脈之會

定位: 人體睛明穴位於面部,目內眦角稍上方凹陷處。

解剖: 在眶內緣瞼內側韌帶中,深部為眼內直肌; 有內眦動、靜脈和滑車上下動、靜脈,深層 上方有眼動、靜脈本干;佈有滑車上、下神 經,深層為眼神經,上方為鼻睫神經。

主治: 目赤腫痛 (結膜充血), 眼球痛,眼角發癢,流淚,視物不明,目眩,近視,夜盲,色盲。


人體穴位配伍: 配球後穴、光明穴治視目不明。

刺灸法: 囑患者閉目,醫者左手輕推眼球向外側固定,左手緩慢進針,緊靠眶緣直刺0.5~l寸。不捻轉,不提插(或隻輕微地捻轉和提插)。 出針後按壓針 孔片刻, 以防出血。本穴禁灸。


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