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liu shen wan 六神丸    (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文


Name of formula: Lei Shi liu shen wan


Composition:  niu huang150 parts, she xiang 100 parts, chan shu100 parts, zhen zhu150 parts, bing pian100 parts, xiong huang100 parts    

Make into pills with rice alcohol.  Use bai cao shuang as coat. Polish. Dry with low heat.

Note: above is manufacturers' formula. It is not for individual personal use. The formula is sold over the counter.



Dosage: follow manufacturers' instruction.  This herb is extremely toxic if overdose.


Warning: not to use during pregnancy or patients with pixu (spleen deficient) or with weak body should use with care or not to use.

This product is not suitable to use with diuretics, drugs for expelling potassium, calcium, digitalis, anticholinergics, indomethacin, cimetidine, corticosteroids, antibiotics, quinidine, amiodarone, verapamil, nifedipine, disopyramide,propafenone, Pune Lamine, dipyridamole, so as not to cause or aggravate cardiac glycoside poisoning.


Note: Liu shen wan is a classical formula but there are many different versions.

Lei Shi liu shen wan is one of the popular version.


There are manufactured herb that have the name of liu shen wan but with different formulae, like Hu Shi Liu Shen Wan, Hou Zheng (throat syndrome) Liu Shen Wan, etc.



雷氏六 神丸


本方系王洪緒的梅花點舌去 掉其中的植物藥,如血竭,葶藶子,沉香,乳香,沒藥等,而保留動物性及礦物性藥,使藥力更為 集中。

牛 黃150 份, 麝 香 100 份, 蟾 酥100 份,  珍珠150 份, 冰 片100 份, 雄 黃100 份。 用白酒適量泛丸,以百草霜150 份包衣,打光, 低溫干燥,即得。


: 以上是製造商用的藥方。不是個人用的。六神丸可以在中藥房買到。


禁忌:孕妇忌服。 脾虛,身體虛弱者慎用或禁用。本品不宜與排鉀利尿劑、鈣劑、洋地黃類、抗膽鹼藥、吲哚美辛、西咪 替丁、皮質激素類、抗生素、奎尼丁、胺碘酮、維拉帕米、硝苯地平、丙吡胺、普羅帕酮、普尼拉明、雙嘧達莫等藥品合用,以免導致或加重強心甙中毒。




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