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Mastitis 乳腺炎

  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

 Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  興國編譯  

Causes of Mastitis

The common pathogenic bacteria is Staphylococcus aureus.

1 , siltation of milk : milk siltation can facilitate the invasion of the growth and reproduction of bacteria. The reasons are : ① nipple retraction (invaginated nipple) or too small and impede breastfeeding. Fail to prenatally timely correct the inverted nipples , breast feeding can become too difficult; ② too much milk , incomplete emptying , not timely remove the excess milk. ③ blocked milk ducts , duct inflammation, cancer and external oppression, shedding fibers of the bras clogging the milk ducts .
2 , bacterial invasion : breast nipple retraction can easily lead to breakage around the nipples and cause bacterial invasion of lymphatic vessels and causes infection. Sleeping regularly with nipple inside the baby mouth can also spread the germs directly to the milk ducts , and then spread to the mammary stroma and causes purulent infection .

Preventing Mastitis

Self examine the breasts once a month and regularly consult health care provider for breast examination. When taking showers or bath, perform appropriate breast massage to improve circulation and to remove death skin and dirt. Do chest exercise for five minutes per day. Increasing muscle activity can  make breast ligament more robust.

Follow: "low-fat high-fiber" diet principles. Eat more whole grains, legumes and vegetables, increase the body's metabolic pathways, to reduce the adverse breast stimulation. Also, control the amount of animal protein intake, in order to avoid too much estrogen, causing mammary gland hyperplasia.

Take vitamins and minerals. If the body lack of B vitamins, vitamin C or calcium, magnesium and other minerals, the chance of mammary gland hyperplasia my increase under other stimulation.

Harmonious sex life can regulate endocrine, stimulate progesterone secretion, increase efforts to protect the breast and restoration efforts. Of course, the sex will stimulate the secretion of estrogen, but progesterone can regulate estrogen; so sex will not make the mammary gland hyperplasia. In addition, orgasm stimulation can accelerate blood circulation, prevent poor blood circulation that causes hyperplasia of mammary gland.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding is a good method to combat mammary gland hyperplasia. Progesterone sufficiency can effectively protect and repair the mammary glands. Lactating can fully develop the mammary gland. After weaning the glands will shrink properly and less prone to proliferation.

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