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Middle Ear Infection

Folk Remedies of Chinese Ethnic Minority groups

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu             按此看中文

Formula 1 

Formula: shi jun zi 4 portions ming fan  3 portionsbing pian 1 portion.

Make a hole in the shi jun zi and insert a piece of ming fan (alum), about the size of a soy bean, into the shi jun zi. Heat the shi jun zi with alcohol lamp till ming fan is completely dissolved. Add bing pian and grind into fine powder and sift with fine sieve. Store in clean bottle for latter use. Wash the affected ear with hydrogen peroxide or salt water to clean out the pus. Dry. Blow in a small amount of the mixture. In cases of serious infections, also take niu huang jie du pian.

Effectiveness: treated 132 patients.  78 healed after one or two treatments. 35 healed after three or four treatments. 19 healed after 5 or 6 treatments.

Source: Li Zhi, Kunming City #533 Hospital, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Recommended by Wang Xue Liang.

Editor's note: niu huang jie du pian contains some ingredients that are toxic. Please check with the regulating agency to make sure it is legal in your country.

Formula 2 

 qi ye yi zhi hua  (  七葉一枝花 ) 50 g

Soak qi ye yi zhi hua in 75% grain alcohol for 15 days.

Soak up some solution with cotton roll and place in the ear for 4 hours.

Use once or twice a day.

Effectiveness: This formula possesses a strong anti-inflammation effect. It also can be used for inflammation of the skin.

This formula has been used by more than a thousand of patients.

Source: Yang Xun Fa, Bai She Area Ethnic Medical Research Institute, Guangxi Province, China.



中 耳 炎 方 :

使君子 4 份 , 明 礬 3 份 ,冰 片 1 份 。


先 用 雙 氧 水 或 生 理 鹽 水 洗 淨 患 耳 的 膿 液 , 抹 乾 後 將 藥 末 吹 入 患 耳 內 。

病 情 較 重 者 ,  可 加 服 牛 黃 解 毒 片 。

療 效: 治 療 132例 。   1 2 次 痊 愈 者 78 例 。

3- 4 次 痊 愈 者 35 例 。 5 6 次 痊 愈 者 19 例 。

來 源 : 雲 南 , 昆 明 市 533 醫 院 , 李 治 獻 方 。

推 薦 人: 王 學 良 。


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