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Migraine, Herb Therapy

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                按此看中文

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The therapy should be based on the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics.:

Samples of formulae:

Formula 1:

Syndromes: Migraine with Yinxu (yin deficient), pixu (spleen deficient) condition.

Prescription: he shou wu 9 g, tu fu ling 30 g, tian ma, dang gui, fang feng  6 g each.

One package per day. Make into servings. Ten days is one therapy period.

After solving the migraine, use tonic herb formula to correct the Yinxu (yin deficient), pixu (spleen deficient) conditions.





主治﹕偏頭疼兼有陰虛 , 脾虛


何首烏 9 g, 土茯苓 30 g, 天麻, 當歸, 防風 各 6 g.




Other commonly used formulae:

shi zheng (strong pattern):  use ge gen tang

xu shi interwoven zheng (weak and strong pattern): wu ling san , gou teng san

xu zheng (weak pattern): gui zhi ren shen tang, ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang

Note: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), tonifying the kidney and the spleen has nothing to do with kidneys nor with spleen. It refers to correcting the condition of shenxu (kidney deficient) and pixu (speen deficient).


常用處方 :

實證: 葛 根 湯
五苓 散藤散
虛證: 桂枝人參湯
半 夏白朮天麻湯.吳茱萸湯


Folk formulae:

(1) ye ju hua tea

Ingredients:ye ju hua 9 g, gou qi zi 15 g, American ginseng 9 g.

Simmer with water for about 15 minutes. Make it daily and use daily as tea. .


(2) ge gen tea

Ingredient: ge gen 10 to 20 g

Add 1000 c.c. of water and simmer to about 400 c.c. Make into 2 serving. Make it daily. Take for 10 to 15 days.



(1) 野菊杞子洋參湯

野 菊花3錢﹐枸杞子5錢﹐花 旗參3錢



(2) 葛根茶

葛 根10∼20克.



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