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Obesity Herb Therapies 中藥減肥法

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

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Do not use ma huang (ephedra), ma dou ling (aristolochiae) or diuretics for weight control.

Obesity therapies should be based on diagnostics of the body functions of the patients.


Click here to see herbs that can lower lipids. in Chinese).


In general the diagnostics-therapy can be classified into:


I. For pixu (spleen deficient) and damp-heat with damp heavy   and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient),  hypothyroidism and low in metabolism.

One of the following  formulae can be selected according to diagnostics.

Formula 1

Name of formula: Zhang's Hypothyroidism Formulas

For piyangxu, shenyangxu syndrome


fu zi 6 g, gan jiang 3 g, ruo gui 2.1 g, dang shen 15 g, fu ling 9 g, bai zhu 9 g, zhi gan cao 4.5 g.

Boil with water and use as tea..


Formula 2

Name of formula: Ping Gan Fang

For liver over active, pixu and damp syndrome and hypothyroidism.


chai hu 6 ~10 g, bai shao 15 g, dang shen 15 g, bai zhu 10 g, fu ling 15 g, gan cao 3 g.

Boil with water and use as tea..


Formula 3

Name of formula: Chen Xia Liu Jun Tang plus Si Shen Wan

For pixu (spleen deficient) and damp and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient)


dang shen 5 qian,bai zhu 4 qian,fu ling 4 qian,po gu zhi 4 qian,tu si zi 4 qian,wu zhu yu 6 qian,wu wei zi 2 qian,rou dou kou (baked) 1 qian。

Boil with 3 bowls of water and simmer down to 1 bowl.

Take while warm.

Note: here, 1 qian = 3.75 g (old measurement)


II.  For Liver Stagnation, Depression

Name of formula: Yue Ju Wan Tang

Application: for syndrome of: obesity, flatulence, amnesia, dreams, dry mouth and throat, palpitation, short of breath, yellow urine, tongue with yellow and thick coating.


xiang fu zi  2 qian, cang zhu 2 qian, chuan xiong  2 qian,  shen qu  2 qian, chao shan zhi zi 2 qian.

Boil with 2 bowls of water and simmer till 1 bowl is left. Drink while warm.




  1.  If qi  stagnation is heavy, add mu xiang  3 qian, zhi ke 3 qian, wu yao 2.5 qian.

  2.  If blood stagnation is heavy, add tao ren 3 qian, hong hua 2.5 qian, chi shao 2.5 qian.

  3.   If damp stagnation is heavy, add fu ling 4 qian, ze xie 3 qian, chi xiao dou 5 qian.

  4.  If digestion stagnation is heavy, add shan zha 4 qian, ji nei jin 3 qian, bu zha ye 6.5 qian.

  5.  If fire stagnation is heavy, add huang qin 3 qian, chuan lian 2 qian, lian qiao 3 qian.

  6.  If phlegm stagnation is heavy, add chen pi 1.5 qian, fa ban xia 3 qian, dan nan xing 1.5 qian.

  7. If  insomnia add suan zao ren 21 piecess (mashed), wu wei zi 2 qian.


III.  Cold Injury-Yang Ming injury of organ

Symptoms: obesity, head has sensation of fullness, thirsty, red face, constipation, thready pulse, red tongue with yellow coating, eating large volume of food,  sweating, feverish but no chills, and large belly.

Name of formula: da cheng qi tang (Source of formula: Shang Han Lun)


hou po 2 qian, zhi shi 2 qian, da huang  2 qian to be

added after simmering the decoction for about 10 minutes then add

mang xiao 2 qian after decoction  is ready.  Add sha ren 2 qian if there

are burpings.


IV. For shenyangxu  (kidney yang deficient)

Name of formula: you gui wan (Source of formula: Jing Yue Quan Shu)

 (available in herb stores ready made in pill forms)

Symptoms: impotence, thin and cool semen, dizziness and ringing in the ears, pale complexion, weak knees and lower back, dislike of  cold temperature, cold limbs, swollen tongue with teeth marks, thin and deep pulse.


shu di huang 240 g,  shao_yao 120 g, shan zhu yu 90 g, qi zi 120 g, tu si zi 120 g, lu jiao jiao 120 g, dang gui  90 g, du zhong 120 g, fu zi 90 , rou gui 90 g.


Make into pills.

Dosage: 15 g, twice a day.


Here, one qian = 3.75 grams (old measurement)

Eat less and exercise more.


按此看中文 Click here to see formulae in Chinese

Click here to see herbs that can lower lipids. (in Chinese).

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