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Formula for Improving  Ovulation

Translated and Annotated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   按此看中文

If ovum count is low, the chance to conceive is low. Some of the common causes can be deficiency (xu), and atrophy of ovaries. When libido is low, ovary atrophy may be suspected.

The amount of ova of woman is determined at birth. About four hundred are ever released during the lifetime.  The quality of the ova deteriorates as women age. The chances of conceiving become lower when a women approaches forty years old.

Herb Therapy

Name of Formula:

Pai Luan Fang  (Ovulation Formula)


chai hu  g, chi shao  10  gbai shao  IO  g, ji xue teng 10  g, yi mu cao 10 g, ze lan 10 g,  su mu  10  g, liu ji nu  10  g, niu xi  10 g, raw pu huang 10 g, nu zhen zi  10 g, fu pen zi 10 g, tu si zi 10 g,  gou qi zi 10  g.


Unable to conceive due to low count of ovum


According to basal body temperature , take 3 to 6 dosages during low body temperature. Take it until into 3 days during high temperature.




chai hu bai shao for mood stabilizing, and regulating menses;

chi shaoji xue tengyi mu cao for harmonizing blood and regulating menses;

liu ji nu for ridding of clotted blood; ze lan enters jue yin channel and can promote circulation and can move excess water.

huai niu xi is liver and kidney channels triggering medication. It can  get rid of bad blood, can help to direct medication to travel downward and disperse clots and blockages. It promotes blood and qi circulation.

nu zhen zifu pen zi can tonify liver and kidney and  correct yinxu (yin deficient)  condition.

gou qi zi nourishes and tonifies the liver and kidney, improves yin and blood.

tu si zi tonifies kidneys, liver and spleen channels, improves yin. It is warming but not hot. It can have a two- directional function in promoting yin and also helping to enhance yang. It can help the function of the sex glands.

This formula can enhance the function of the ovaries.




  1. yinxu (yin deficient)  with internal heat: add qing hao, di gu pi , sheng di huang, xuan shen

  2. tightness in the chest and easily annoyed, fullness in the breast: add qing pixiang fu zi mu xiang

  3. abdomen ache during menses: add yan hu suochuan lian zi

  4. blood stasis and menostatsis: add xi caodang gui tailhong hua

  5. tumors: add san leng e zhu shui zhi tu bie chong

  6. shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient)add bu gu zhi lu jiao rou gui shu fu zihu lu ba

  7. blood deficient: add dang gui shu di huang e jiao ;

  8. without ovulation with excessive bleeding: replace  raw pu huang with pu huang tan (charred pu huang) and take out liu ji nu su mu chi  shao z e lan; add raw long gu raw mu li di yu wu zei gucharred xi cao.

Dosages of above herbs should be the normal dosages.

Basal Body Temperature, (BBT) : Temperature of the body at rest, taken after wakening in the morning before meal or any activity. Click here for more explanation.  Or use  FDA-approved home ovulation test kits which are sold at  drug stores)

Pu huang that has been stir fried till dark color is called pu huang tan or hei pu huang. It is used for arresting bleeding.

After inplanting fetus with IVF, avoid: eating yi yi ren (job's tear), sesame oil, alcohol, papaya using any medicine that can cause uterus to contract. sexual intercourse, vigorous, exercises, or over exhaustion.

Gong xue bing:
Vaginal bleeding, with no obvious sexual organ disease but caused by hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis dysfunction, is called "gong xue bing."

See food acidity and alkalinity, an important factor in health maintenance.



北京婦產醫院 ﹐名醫趙松泉採用排卵湯:




 柴胡 6 克, 赤芍 10 克, 白芍 10 克,雞血藤10  克,益母草 10  克,澤 蘭  10  克,蘇木 10  克,劉寄奴 10  克,牛膝  10 克,生蒲黃  10 克, 女貞子 10 克, 覆盆子10  克, 菟絲子10 克﹐枸杞子10 克。










本方以 柴胡 白芍 舒肝解鬱,斂陰調經;

赤芍 雞血藤 益母草和血調經;

劉寄奴 除新舊之瘀血,澤 蘭入厥陰經,能行血利水;

懷牛膝 為肝腎引經藥,以瀉惡血,引藥下行,使瘀結消散,氣血得以暢行;

女貞子 覆盆子 滋補肝腎,療腎水虧虛;

枸杞子 滋肝補腎,填精補血;

菟絲子 溫補三陰經以益精髓,其性柔潤,故溫而不燥,補而不峻,既益陰精,又助腎陽,使陽生陰長,有促進性腺机能的作用。




陰虛 內熱者﹕加 青蒿 地骨皮 生地黃 玄參

煩躁胸悶,乳脹者﹕加 青皮 香附子 木香

經行腹痛者﹕加 延胡索 川楝子

血淤 閉經﹕加 茜草 當 歸尾﹐ 紅 花

積聚結塊加 三 棱 莪朮 水蛭 土鱉虫

腎陽虛者﹕加 補骨脂 鹿角片﹐ 肉桂﹐熟附子 胡蘆巴

血虛: 當 歸 熟地 阿膠

無排卵型之“功血症”者﹕于方中易蒲黃為 蒲黃炭,減去 劉寄奴 蘇木 赤芍澤蘭,加生龍骨﹐生牡蠣 地榆 烏賊骨, (海螵蛸) 茜草炭。






婦女陰道出血,經檢查未發現明顯的生殖繫統器質性病變,下丘腦-垂體-卵巢軸綜合調控功能失常所引起的月經紊亂和異常子 宫出血,稱為子宮功能性出血 。 簡稱“功血病“。


IVF植入胚 胎後避免吃薏苡仁,麻油 ,酒,番木瓜, 造成子宮收縮的藥物 ,且植入後不能行房 ,不要劇烈運動,也不要太勞累. [ 2]

蒲黃炭: 蒲黃炒炭性澀而專擅止血

 按此看基礎體 温之解釋。







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