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Last update: April 6,, 2013,  11:08 pm LAH



peng sha 硼砂 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Pharmaceutical name:



Chemical name:


sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate

四硼酸鈉 (Na2B4O710H2O)

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese::


 pang4 saa1

Other Names:


da feng sha


peng sha


peng sha


yue shi


peng sha


Common Name:





Mainly in Qinghai, Xizang; also in Yunnan, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu provinces.

 主 產青海、西藏。此外,雲南、新疆、四川、陝西、甘肅等地亦產。




Sweat, salty, cool, nontoxic.


Channels (meridians) entered:



Lung, stomach.



Medical functions:



Medical function: Borax is a weak alkaline.  Like boric acid, it  possesses a weak micro-organism inhibition effect.  Using plate method, medium containing 10% borax possesses inhibition effect on Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus anthracis, Freund Shigella, Shigella dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus, Proteus, and Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. Using paper disc method, it shows that borax can inhibit diphtheria bacillus; the medium brucellosis; pneumococcal, meningococcal, and hemolytic streptococcus. Available to flush ulcers, abscesses, especially mucosal inflammation, such as conjunctivitis, gastritis, etc., Because it is alkaline, it can clean mucosa, and taken orally it can be used for urethral sterilization. When urine is acidic, it can make it alkaline.

【藥理作用】 為一弱鹼, 與硼酸一樣有弱的抑菌作用。用平板法使培養基中含10%的 硼砂,對大腸杆菌、綠膿杆菌、炭疽杆菌、弗氏痢疾杆菌、志賀氏痢疾杆菌、傷寒杆菌、副傷寒杆菌、變形杆菌及葡萄球菌、白色念珠菌均有抑制作用,用紙片法PD法(paper disc))証明硼砂還能抑制白喉杆菌、中型布氏杆菌、肺炎雙球菌、腦膜炎球菌及溶血性鏈球菌等。可用以沖洗潰瘍、膿腫,特別是粘膜發炎,如結膜炎、胃炎等,因 其為鹼性,可使粘膜去垢,口服用於尿道殺菌,特別尿為酸性時,可使之成鹼性。

Actions & Indications:


Rid of infection and transform phlegm; detoxification and antisepsis. Being used in sore throat; mouth sores; pink eyes, cataract, pterygium; genital ulcers; bone choking;  hiccups; coughing with thick phlegm.

清熱消痰;解毒防腐。主咽喉腫痛;口舌生瘡;目赤,翳 障,胬 肉;陰部潰瘍;骨哽;噎膈;咳嗽痰稠

Chemical ingredients:


Sodium tetraborate (Na2B4O710H2O); also contains a small amount of lead, copper, calcium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicon and other impurities

四硼酸鈉 (Na2B4O710H2O);還含少量鉛、銅、鈣、鋁、鐵、鎂、硅等雜質。

Daily Dosage:


 內服:入丸、散,0.5-1錢 。外用:研極細末撒或調敷。

Samples of formulae:


Clinical application [1] [2]

Treatment of epilepsy:
Take peng sha (borax) orally. For sparse episodes use 0.3 g each time, 3 times a day. For frequent seizures use 0.5 g each time, 3 times a day. For grand mal or persistent, use 1 g daily. Use peng sha in conjunction with phenytoin, vitamin D and calcium adjuvant therapy. For persistent epilepsy patients, beside using peng sha, also use 10% calcium gluconate1 g, 2 times a day intravenously. Discontinue after symptom is under control. Medication for a course is three months.  From the second course of treatment, discontinue phenytoin; Do not discontinue phenytoin before the start of the peng sha (borax) treatments. Otherwise it may frequently  lead to grand mal or persistent seizures. If other anti-epileptic drugs have been used before the application of peng sha (borax), when switching to the peng sha (borax) treatment, alternate the use of peng sha and drug. Then gradually phase out of the original drug. Otherwise, if using peng sha (borax) alone, increase the dosage of peng sha to double.

Result: 10 cases, 9 cases of grand mal patients, one case was sustained attack patient. All patients were in long-term use of different epilepsy drugs and could not control their recurrence. After treatment by the method described above,  all cases were significantly effective in the first course of treatment and significantly reduced the number of attacks.  The attacks  showed only a few seconds of confusion, and  seemed to drop to petit mal condition. Some patients  showed only individual limbs or mandible movement effects without loss of consciousness. After the second course of treatment, seven cases were able to completely control the onset of symptoms. Three cases were still having sparse small seizures or localized attacks. The majority of patients were taking the treatment more than one year continuously, and there were no cases of adverse reactions or toxicity reaction.

This therapy is ineffective for frontal lobe epilepsy patients. For those with hepatorenal insufficiency, it is better not to use this therapy.

Treatment of vaginal fungal infection:

Composition of herb:

peng sha (borax) 97%, bing pian (borneol) 3%. Mix thoroughly; then add cold cream about 50-60% of total amount end product. Use vaginal speculum to spread the vagina, and then smear the cream evenly around the wall of the vagina and vulva, once a day. Five days is a course of treatment.
Treatment of 144 cases,
Follow-up of examination: 82 cases,
After a course of treatment in 59 cases, 50 cases were cured;
After two courses of 17 cases, 16 cases were cured;
After three courses of six cases, three cases were cured.
The total cure rate was 84.1%.


Treatment of lower back pain:

Place peng sha (borax) on iron pan. Heat the pan on stove till peng sha  becomes dry and powdery. Grind into very fine powder. When applying, let patient lie down supine. Pick a little calcined peng sha (borax) and apply to the two inner canthus and to the  yin jiao point. Lie quietly for 4-5 minutes. Let tears come out. Then let the patient do bending down, turning the waist, squatting.
Result: Treated more than 100 patients. In general after treatment, pain became reduced, The majority recovered after 1-3 treatments. It was more effective when more tears came out. This method can also be used for stiff neck, but ineffective in cases of  protruding disc  and lumbar spine injury.


Knee sprain

Name of formula: Peng sha san (borax powder)
For treatment of knee sprain:

Use a little fine processed borax powder at night before going to bed. Put into the inner canthus (The angle formed by the meeting of the upper and lower eyelids at inner side of the eye.) If the left knee is sprained, treat the canthus of the right eye and vice versa. Generally one to three treatments will be effective. After applying the medication, tears may come out. [Zhejiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 9 (l): 24,1966]

 【 臨床應用】

1.治療癲癇:以硼砂內服。發作次數稀疏看每次0.3g, 發作頻繁者0.5g, 均每日3次 ;大發作或持續性發作者每次1g, 每日全次。同時配合苯妥英鈉、維生素D及 鈣劑輔助治療。在持續性癲癇患者,用10%葡萄糖酸鈣 l g, 每日2次 靜脈注射,症狀控制後停用。服藥以3個 月為一療程。第二療程起停用苯妥英鈉;切勿在硼砂療程開始前就停用,否則易引起大發作或持續性癲癇發作。若在應用硼砂治療前巳用過其他抗癲癇藥物者,改用硼砂治療時應交叉應用,逐漸停用原藥,否則單獨應用硼砂時,劑量應加1倍 。觀察 10 例 ,其中9 例為大發作病人,1 例 係持續發作病人,全部病例均係長期服用各種杭癲癇藥物而不能控制其發作者。經上述方法治療後,全部病例在第一療程中都有顯著療效,發作次數明顯減少, 發作時僅幾秒鐘的意識模糊,似頹滴小發作狀態,部分患者僅有個別肢體或下頜骨的牽動而意識不喪失。第二療程中,7例 已能完全控制症狀發作,3 例 仍有稀疏的小發作或局限性發作存在。多數病人均連續服用1年 以上,無1例出現不良反應和毒性反應。本法對額葉性癲癇無效;肝腎機能不全的患者最好不用。


2.治療閃腰:將硼砂放在鐵勺內,置火上煅制,以炙枯為度,研為極細末備用。用時令患者仰臥,挑煅硼砂末少許,點於兩眼內眦及齦交穴。靜臥4-5分 鐘,即自行流出眼淚。然後讓患者做彎腰、轉身、蹲下等動作,以活動腰部。治療100餘 例,一般在用藥後疼痛都有減輕,多數病例點1-3次 痊愈。點藥後,流淚多者,效果顯著。此法對落枕亦有效,但對椎間盤脫出及腰椎損傷者無效,。


3.治療霉菌性陰道炎:取97%硼 砂與3%冰 片混合後,再加入約佔總藥量50-60%的 冷霜調勻備用。用時取窺陰器擴張陰道,然後將冰硼霜均勻涂抹於陰道壁四周及外陰,每天1次 ,5天 為一療程。治療144例 ,隨訪82例 ,經一個療程治療的59例 中,50例 治愈;經治二個療程的17例 中,16例 治愈;治療三個療程的6例 中,3例 治愈。總治愈率為84.1%
【摘錄】 《中華本草》《中藥大辭典》


(《普濟方》硼砂散:治膝部扭傷: 西月石(法 制)粉 末少許,於晚上臨睡前,放於目內眺角上,左側扭傷點右眼角,右側扭傷點左眼角。一般一至三次見效。放藥後可能會流淚。〔《浙江中醫雜志》9(l)241966

Modern Research:



Toxicity & Cautions:


 Use with care  if it is used orally. Those with yinxu with fire should not take orally.

This is a temporary medicine, not to be used for long term. [1]

內服宜慎。 陰虚火旺忌服。


 [1] Ben Cao Gang Mu 本草綱目

 [2] Zhong Hua Ben Cao 本草綱


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