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 ban xia 半夏
Sheng ban xia (raw ban xia) is toxic.



by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


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Pharmaceutical name:Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae
Biological name:Pinellia ternata(Thunb.) Breit
Pron. in Japanese:hange
Pron. in Korean:panha
Pron. in Cantonese:pun ha
Common Name:pinellia rhizome
Other Name:


san bu tiao, lie dao cao, di ba dou, ma yu guo,

di lei gong, di wen

三不掉、裂刀草、地巴豆、 麻芋果、



Distribution:Sichuan, Hubei, Henan, Guizhou, Anhui
Properties (characteristics)acrid, warm, toxic (especially raw ban xia)
Channels (meridians) entered:lung, spleen, stomach
Actions & Indications:stops vomiting, promote vomiting, rids of phlegm  nodules, calming, lower pressure in the eyes.


  1. Sheng ban xia: raw, not processed. It is washed, rid of external skin, and fine roots then dry under the sun. It is toxic. Usually it is for external use.
  2. Qing ban xia: those have been soaked in alum water solution. Often it is used in transforming phlegm
  3. Jiang ban xia: those have been soak in ginger (jiang) and alum solution. It is effective in stopping vomiting.
  4. Fa ban xia: those have been soak in gan cao and lime water solution. It is effective in getting rid of dampness.
  5. ban xia ju: made from ground fa ban xia with added wheat flour and make into the shape of cookie and fermented. It is effective in transforming phlegm and in helping digestion.


  1. 生半夏﹕加清水浸泡,至切開中心無白心時﹐取出,瀝乾水份。切片约3mm厚。晒乾或用文火烘生半夏力強而有毒﹐外用於消腫散結。因有毒一般不內服

  2. 清半夏:經白礬水浸漬者。常

  3. 姜半夏:用生薑、白礬水浸漬者。

  4. 法半夏:經甘草、石灰液浸漬者。

  5. 半夏麴:法半夏研細加麵粉,製成餅狀並發酵者。

Medical Function:


to be loaded
Chemical Ingredients:


β-sitosterol β-谷甾醇; choline 胆碱;  daucostgerol;

3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde; coniine; protoanemonin.

1-ephedrine hydrochloride[1], guanosine. homogentisic acid 鳥苷高龍胆酸.


4.5 to 12 g. According to Ke Xue Zhong Yao: 0.5 to 2 g

per day. Adjust the dosage according to syndrome and

body condition.

4.5 to 12 濃縮中藥:0.52.0克 。可依病症


Commonly Used formulae:


To be loaded
Modern Research: 

do not use in any cough with bleeding due to yinxu. Use caution in cases of heat. Not compatible with wu tou.

Raw ban xia (sheng ban xia) is very toxic.

Antidote: use sheng jiang (raw ginger) juice, or just sheng jiang (ginger) mung bean, fang feng, gan cao to make into decoction. Drink frequently to rid of toxin.






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