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Pregnancy Nausea 懷孕作嘔  (in English and Chinese 中英文)   Click here for mobile users.


Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu       按此看中文


Nausea is common during early stages of pregnancy. It usually lasts for about three months but some women may still have them into fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.


Pregnant women without morning sickness have more than double the incidences of miscarriage than those with morning sickness. Some studies show that 10% of those without morning sickness had miscarriage while those with morning sickness had 4% of miscarriage.


One of the formulae can be used:


Formula 1:


Taking 1 to 2 grams of pickled ginger (ginger soaked in vinegar), 3 times per day may help relieve nausea.

Pickled ginger is available in Chinese or Japanese grocery stores or make it yourself at home.


Formula 2:

dang shen  9 g, dang gui    9 g, bai zhu   9 g, bai shao  12 g, fu ling  12 g, chen pi  6 g, liu shen qu  12 g, sha ren   3 g (to be added to the pot during last 5 minutes of cooking), jiang ban xia  9 g.



Adjustment of formula﹕

  1. flatulence﹕subtract dang shen , and add huo xiangmu xiang  ﹐xiang fu zi 

  2.  palpitation﹕ add suan zao renyuan zhi .

  3. weakness with pain in the loin﹕add du zhong ,  huang qi .

  4. heat is high﹕ add huang lian

  5. coldness is serious﹕ add sheng jiang

  6. vomiting is serious : add fu long gan

Add 1,200 cc of water. Simmer down to 400 cc and drink while warm



fu long gan is the dry clay under the old fashion straw burning stove.



Effectiveness: 55 patients, all healed in 13 days. Among them 4.5% healed in 6 days.

Source of formula: Li Shao-hua of Long Hua Hospital of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical School.










可以用酸薑減低作嘔情形。用法﹕每次吃1~ 2 克﹐每天三次。







 黨 參 9克,當歸身 9克,  白 朮 9克,  白芍12克, 茯苓12克, 陳皮6, 六神麴12, 砂仁3 (最後五分鐘下),薑半 夏9.





  1. 若上腹部脹滿﹕去 黨 參﹐加 藿香﹐  木香 香附子

  2. 若心悸失眠﹕ 加  酸棗仁 遠志

  3. 若體虛腰酸﹕加 杜仲﹐黃 耆

  4. 若熱盛﹕ 加 黃蓮

  5. 若寒盛﹕ 加  生薑

  6. 若劇烈嘔吐﹐加入伏龍肝

臨床療效﹕55 例患者﹐ 經過治療﹐13 天內全部治癒。其中6天內治癒者﹐佔 4. 5%。

 處 方來源﹕ 上海中醫學院﹐附屬龍華醫院﹐李少華 。


伏龍肝別名 ﹕灶心土 是指灶裏正對鍋底的黃土。


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